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Cotton Babies BumGenius ORGANIC One-Size All-In-One Cloth Diaper


Pros: One Size AND All-In One!!! Choice of Snaps or Velcro closures. Yummy Organic Cotton!

Cons: Priced really high.

I couldn't rave enough about my BumGenius One Sized pockets (3.0's) but then after 6 months of using them my DD developed a horrible chaffing rash, bleeding and all, that just would not go away....only where the inside of the diaper contacted her skin.  After talking to Cotton Babies and taking her to the doctor we discovered that she had developed a contact dermatitis to the polyester suede cloth in the diaper.  This is rare but, it does happen.  (She can't even wear polyester clothes w/out getting a rash on her skin).  Sooooooo...we switched to the organic Bum Genius diapers.  I was totally blown away with these diapers. 


First of all you have the option of snaps or velcro.  Previously only owning velcro (which DD could open...even with pants on) and having read raves about snap diapers I decided that's what I wanted to go with this time around.  Then, there is that fact that these diapers are not only One Size (grow w/ baby birth to potty training) but they are also All-In-One....meaning no stuffing required!  What a huge time saver.  I never minded the stuffing but now that I don't have to do that step any more I must say, I am LOVING it!  Only Pure Organic Cotton is touching your LO's skin (unless you use a flush-able liner like I  and these diapers have never built up a funky smell like the microfiber inserts can.  I have been using them for almost 2 months now and I have not even had to strip them yet.


I was a little nervous after reading some reviews complaining about the absorbency lacking.  But, I can attest, these are actually MORE absorbent than the BG 3.0's.  I think a huge factor in the absorbency however is that you need to put these in the dryer (to fluffy them up) and some mom's ONLY air dry their diapers.....if you air dry them they wont fluff up and therefor won't be very absorbent.


And while the snaps can be slightly more time consuming than the velcro tabs I think the benefits of snap closure far outweigh that (very slight) inconvenience.  With snaps, there is less wear and tear on the will stay looking new for a longer period of time.  And toddlers most likely will not be able to undo their diaper....keeping diaper disasters at bay.


The only con about this diaper is the price.  Compared to other diapers on the market it is definitely on the higher side at $24.95 PER diaper.  But, your savings over time will still be tremendous, especially if you use the diapers for subsequent children (as I plan on doing).


I love, love, love this diaper!!!!  Bum Genius did it again!

Cotton Babies BumGenius ORGANIC One-Size All-In-One Cloth Diaper

Made With Organic, One-Size... affordable. Looking for organic, natural fibers next to your baby’s bottom? Our award winning one-size bumGenius design is now available with luxuriously soft, 100% organic cotton inside. bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diapers offer an industry first - tabs that stretch for a perfect fit. Stretchy tabs combined with our brand-new snap fasteners make cloth diapering easy. Our new, "no-stuff" system available only in the bumGenius Organic One-Size Cloth Diaper is an ideal solution for families with a child in day-care or family members resistant to cloth diapers! It really is as easy to use as a disposable diaper. Using the snaps on the front of the diaper, adjust the size if needed, put the diaper on your baby, wash, dry and re-use. No extra steps. No stuffing. No cover required. Our one-size diapers are designed to fit most babies weighing between 7 and 35 pounds. Highlights * Absorbent layer integrated into the waterproof outer layer. * One step cloth diaper - no stuffing! * Available in hook & loop closures - like disposable diapers. * Now also available in snap closures! Two rows of snaps ensure a trim, bumGenius fit everytime! * Ultra-absorbent, certified organic cotton inner. * Gentle leg elastic contains the mess! 9 colors to choose from: Blossom Butternut Clementine Grasshopper Moonbeam Ribbit Twilight White Zinnia

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