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Cotton Babies bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diaper Reviews


Happy Heinys are better


Pros: cute, absorbant (at first), great for overnight (at first), available in organic

Cons: clog easily, fray easily, look tattered and worn, 9 month old will outgrow them soon, EXPENSIVE

I initially was very impressed with the BumGenius 3.0 one-size pocket diaper after I invested in a few after reading rave reviews online. They were adorable, made from quality fabric, and seemed to hold an amazing amount of liquid (making them ideal as an over night dipe). However, after about 3 months of use (we use prefolds during the day and then pocket dipes at night or when we are out and about) they started to look worn and frayed. I make my own natural detergent and only wash on gentle, then tumble dry low heat which would not account for their appearance. I also noticed that the diapers seem to get clogged pretty easily, which means I need to strip more often. I am already on the...
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My overall favorite cloth


Pros: Soaks great. soft. breathable and moveable

Cons: the velcro should be better

This is my #1 favorite diaper of them all...And I almost tried everything out there. The cost for what you get is good. Although you'd think they would have better velcro on them...Other then that it's great. I would just own these if I didnt get all the other ones before. I actually bought mine at Target stores. The last 3 I bought from there they were on clearance though so the price paid doesn't really add up to regular price.

The BEST!!


Pros: Holds LOTS & trim design

Cons: price

 Having tried almost every brand of diaper (pocket) out there, these are BY FAR my favorite!  The trim design fits easily under clothes, and they are so easy to use that even my husband does it!!

Fantastic Diapers!


Pros: Easy to use, well made, wash well

Cons: Velcro gets pilly with use

Bum Genius 3.0 Diapers make up the majority of our cloth diaper stash. They are easy to use, even for Daddys. BG are well made, and easy to wash. They really do fit babies of all sizes and ages. We have used the since our daughter was 3 months old, and continue to use then now at 11 months. They fit just as well now as they did when she was really little. The only drawback is that the velcro gets pilly with normal use, although it has continued to work fine. BG now offers snaps with their organic AIOs (which are also GREAT! ), but doesn't yet offer them in the pockets. I highly recommend these diapers.

Great diaper


Pros: One size, leak proof, soft

Cons: none

Out of all my cloth diapers these are one of my favorites. They seem very comfy, they are soft, they have nice stretchy tabs, elastic around the legs and they grow with your child. I have not had too many problems with leaking.

Bum Genius -pretty decent absorbancy


Pros: Trim, nicely absorbant, cute colors

Cons: Slightly awkward fastening system

Generally i prefer one size pocket dipes, but I thought I would give this all in one size small a try--seeing as a friend gave it to me.  It has a very soft interior next to my son's bottom, and lasted about 3 hours.  My son is a heavy wetter, so we often have to use doublers. Next time, we may put in an extra soaker.  The Aplix or touch tape fastening system is not integrated into the diaper, so I found it a bit awkward to fasten--not a terrible hardship, though. I did order a pocket variety of BUM Genius, and am waiting for it, so we'll see how that one works out.

Great Diapers


Pros: convenient, easy to wash and dry

These are great cloth diapers! They wash up very clean, unlike other cloth diapers that are bulky and hold smells. They are fairly adjustable size-wise and easy to get on and off baby.

better than disposable


Pros: absorbent, cute, easy to use

Cons: extra sticky tabs, expensive

Overall, I love them.  They are very absorbent, never a leak when using 2 inserts overnight.  The tabs get on my nerves a little, because the stick so well that they can sometimes be a pain to undo...and if you forget to attach them to the laundry tabs before washing, like me, they stick to everything in the dryer. Also, I think the price is nuts!!!  Almost 20.00 for just ONE of these things!!  That's really just too much to pay.  I only bought one to test it out, then bought sunbaby brand off of ebay to test those.  They are identical, but sunbaby is half the price, and they have snap closure instead of hook and loop, so no extra-stickies from those.

Great Diapers


Pros: One size, easy to clean,

Cons: Expensive intially & they don't fit newborns

I have used these diapers since August '08 & I love them. There is no question that these are better for the baby as well as the enviornment. Our baby has only had one bout of diaper rash since we started using these diapers and he only had the rash because he was put on antibiotics that upset his stomach.The diapers come clean easily but be sure to refer to the Cottonbabies website on what detergents to use. They recommend Allen's All Natural detergent which is what I have used. It doesn't leave a film on the diapers so they stay absorbent. I have only had to strip these diapers once.(see the website for instructions) The only downside to these diapers is the initial purchase is...
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Pros: No Leaks, Wash Well, Great Quality

Cons: The velcro tabs wear after washing alot

I bought several of the BG One Size cloth diaper after buying my first one and falling in love.  This diaper is great to use during the day, but it is the ONLY diaper  besides one other that I would use at night.  My daughter is a heavy wetter and sleeps 12 hours and wakes up with no leaking!!!!  I think to any cloth diapering mom that is super important.  Who wants to be washing sheets everyday?  The quality of the diapers is awesome, and they wash well.  The only con that I have is that the velcro tabs wear out, and so I will replace it eventually on my own.  Overall a wonderful experience, and I would definitely buy more in the future :)
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