Costa Rica Natural Organic Banana Paper Journal


Pros: 100% Post Consumer Waste (~80% recycled products ~20% Banana Fiber). 1 ton of their fiber saves an estimated 17 trees.

Cons: A little pricey

Hello Huddlers,

Ok so make no mistake, this review is 100% biased. Just to give you a quick reason why, I am the web designer for (they manufacture the paper under the name Costa Rica Natural (CRN) but sell under the website Anyway if your interested in a brief history of my relationship with CRN and Harry Johansing (owner) then please scroll down to the bottom. As for now here is the review. I hope you enjoy :). BTW a quick note, while i am biased, I am in no way being paid to do this. I believe in the product immensely.

This product is truly a recycled piece of art. The drawings on the hardcover are great. They are made from some sort of recycled material and thats where they get their size from. The ink is either soy or vegetable and the paper is made from a mixture of bananas and recycled materials that wouldve ended up in a landfill. The banana is actually pinzote (the stock where bananas grow from..sort of like bamboo). usually this ends up polluting the rivers. So not only do these paper save trees, reduce waste, but also helps dumping of bad products in the costa rican river which upsets their ecosystem.

Now the reason why i like this product so much is I HATE wasting things. I am against the word consumer and believe that to be green it doesnt mean buying tote bags it means reusing the bags i already have. The only downfall of this product is i guess you could say its kind of pricey. I dont really think that way because of what your getting. Guilt free paper usage.

Anyway hope this review helps.

Aaron Schiff - Web Developer

COOL FACT: His products have been in Starbucks and Whole Foods

BRIEF HISTORY OF MY RELATIONSHIP WITH COSTA RICA NATURAL. It all started when I met Harry Johansing the owner of CRN. He is this awesome guy who is just an all around great guy. He lives in Ventura and drives over an hour every saturday to feed the homeless at skid row. He's been doing this for 15 years. I'm telling you he's a great guy. Anyway I met him when i was a senior at UC Santa Barbara. My g/f at the time introduced me when he went to lecture for their classroom and she said we should meet up. After a 6 hour conversation the first time we met we decdied we needed to redo his dated website to really get the word out. And thatst he history :D


Pros: Tree Free

I found these at Office Max or Office Depot about 2 yrs ago. LOVE THEM! Everyone should go out and get some. Tree Free is the way to be.


Pros: harry johansing

 got these at whole foods but the main thing is i met harry johansing while he was feeding the homeless in downtown LA with Ray, did not know he had been going down there for 18 years dudes awesome support him and his company

Costa Rica Natural Organic Banana Paper Journal

The Banana Paper journal from Costa Rica Natural Paper Company is made with our tree free organic papers. This post consumer tree free paper journal is excellent for keeping personal notes, ideas, or for travel purposes. A place for your thoughts, memories, travel experiences or plans for the garden all can be written in your 100% natural journal. This tree free paper journal includes 80 lined pages of Banana Paper. • Dimensions: 6 x 8 Journal • Sheets: 80 lined sheets • Description: 20 of each Mango Paper, Banana Paper, Coffee Paper, Lemon Paper • Italian wire bound journal

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