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Cohalan Company Liquid Mineral Granital System

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Cohalan Company Liquid Mineral Granital System

Keim Liquid Mineral Systems are used throughout the world. They have proven their durability since 1878, when Wilhelm Keim discovered the advantages of using liquid silicate as a binding agent for inorganic pigments, thus creating mineral coatings. These are the basis of the KEIM Mineral Coating Systems, whose excellence in building preservation is unsurpassed. Note: All KEIM Liquid Mineral Coatings are harmless to the environment. They are not a health hazard and contain no organic solvents or toxic substances. Granital Granital is a ready-to-use, silicate based, highly water repellent exterior paint with light-fast containing inorganic pigments and mineral fillers.Our products have a high water vapor permeability. Granital requirescombines with KEIM Granital Dilution and is available in over 350 different standard shades. Granital Grob Granital Grob is a silicate based primary coat with lightfast inorganic pigments, which is suitable for crazed and repaired surfaces. An additionsal benefit may be found for equalization of differences in texture. Granital Grob is always used as a base coat. Contact Contact is a silicate based priming coat is used for surface equalization and crack bridging up to 1mm. It contains sand and mineral fiber fillers. Contact Plus Contact Plus is a silicate based renovation bridging coat, in white, for application on old, synthetic resin bound paint layers and / or filling cracks up to 0.5 mm. It is appropriate to use this primer when cost and / or environmental pollution circumstances require the removal of existing paint layers. Granital Dilution Liquid silicate binder used to dilute KEIM mineral paints. May be used neat as a primer coat to reduce high surface porosity. Tinting-Concentrates These are pure color tinting concentrates for tinting of all one-component silicate based KEIM paints.

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KEIM and the Environment


  • KEIM's potassium silicate paint binder, mineral fillers and earth oxide color pigments are all natural components fully compatible with brick masonry, concrete, stucco, terra cotta, natural stone, cement board, drywall, mgo board and other mineral-based substrates.
  • Our products are water borne, odorless and nontoxic, KEIM is specified with confidence throughout the world.
  • All of KEIM’s mineral coating systems are water-borne and completely free of chemical solvents.
  • KEIM specifications typically call for a standard two-coat system – thus eliminating the need for special primers.
  • As a water-borne coating system, tools require only water-washing.
  • KEIM exterior installations have a proven lifecycle that is unsurpassed.  Reference projects for KEIM include installations, bearing the original coating system in pristine condition -- exceeding 100 years in challenging weather conditions.  If a subsequent mineral coating application is desired, the new mineral coating will consolidate into the original layer and make it stronger.  KEIM never has to be stripped.  The sustainable aspect and value engineering of KEIM is proven over 130 years.
  • KEIM mineral finishes for exterior and interior substrates are odorless and will not outgas.  Coating activity can be conducted without negative effects on the home or office environment.
  • KEIM interior mineral coating systems typically feature an elegant opaque mineral matte finish that is washable and durable.  The high light reflectivity levels of KEIM coatings deliver energy savings and long term cost benefits for the building owner.


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