CODA Automotive Sedan

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CODA Automotive Sedan

Don’t get us wrong—sometimes dependence can be good. Trees depend on the sun to shine and on rain to fall. Your dog looks to you for bowls of food and belly rubs. These symbiotic, lean-on-me kinds of dependencies are fine. That’s not the kind of dependence we’re talking about. We’re talking about the kind of dependence that fuels international conflict. The kind of dependence that harms our environment day-by-day, year-by-year. The kind of dependence that keeps hard-working people up at night, worried about what the price of gas will be in the morning. That kind of dependence we can do without. So we created a way to end this kind of dependence. An all-electric car to let you drive your way out from under the thumb of big oil. To help steer us away from climate change, polluted skies and outrageous gas prices. A zero tailpipe emission getaway car that laughs in the face of the way things used to be, as it leads the charge to a cleaner, smarter future. Say hello to the CODA.

Additional Features
Fuel TypeAll-electric (plug-in)
Miles per Charge
Body TypeSedan
Top Speed
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