Cocyntal Colic Relief Reviews

More effective & more convient than Gripe Water


Pros: Super convenient, works great...even on toddlers, Easy to give.

Before I found this I used Gripe Water and while that was effective for my daughters colic/gas, it was very inconvenient because it had to be kept in a fridge which made middle of the night dosing tricky and there was no way to take it along of your were going to be out for the day. Then I came across the Cocyntal Colic Relief.  This stuff is AMAZING!  Not only does it kick in quicker than the gripe water but, the single, pre-measured sterile doses make giving it to baby a no-brainer for anyone in the family.  They can be stored at room temp so you can keep some at the changing table for middle of the night administration and some in the diaper bag so that you will be prepared regardless...
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