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Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner Reviews


For a Green Toilet


Pros: great value, smells better than the toilet, effective

Cons: smells a little cloying, color

Ultimately this stuff works - I don't know anybody that can get enthusiastic about toilet bowl cleaner, but for the sake of your wallet, your nose, and the environment, this john cleaner might just qualify. Beyond it being completely effective, it is also very well-priced - no more than any other commercial toilet bowl cleaner. It certainly smells nice - though to be perfectly honest the scent was a bit cloying for 'lemon essential oil', sort of thick and sweet instead of light and zingy. One thing that I definitely found odd was that the liquid/gel-ly stuff was green... and nothing listed in the ingredients list - which certainly gave the impression that it was complete...
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Clorox Green Works Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner


Pros: Great frangrance. Thick formula.

Cons: Not strong enough for rust stains (iron deposits).

We have well water. Lots of iron. We get brownish stains on toilet bowl and also on the shower walls. I like this product. However, it does not have the muscle to remove rust stains in the toilet bowl. Repeated application several times and used scrub brush. Some of the rust still remained. I was not overly impressed with the cleaning power for this type of problem. Would recommend for routine cleaning, but not for rust removal. The label says "Green Works natural toilet bowl cleaner removes rust..." It does somewhat... 24 fl oz squeeze container.

Great Product


Pros: Pleasant scent, cleaned well, proper thickness

Cons: none

I thought I would give the product a try. It was good to see a "big" company trying to go green. Green Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner was great. Cleaned well with a pleasant scent, proper thickness to adhere to bowl. I wasn't afraid to touch it like I am with some products. I would buy it again.

Skeptical at first...


Pros: It does an awesome job cleaning.

Cons: None that I can think of.

 I really love this product. After my mother-in-law told me how great it was, I tried it. It works better than any toilet cleaner I have ever used.

Is it really green?


Pros: works great

Cons: not sure if it's really "green"

I love this stuff, but my whole point in buying it was to go green, but with the amount of fragrance and the foaming action, I worry it's not truly "green"

Great and Green

I like this product so much! At first I was reticent about the green part of the Clorox but actually it is green. And it works very well. The smell is not strong and it leaves my toilets clean. i am using now constantly!

Surprisingly Great!

I was at first reluctant to try green cleaning products from Clorox but when heard that the Sierra Club recommended this product, I decided to try it. And I love it! It cleans great and doesn't have a strong chemical smell, which is really important to me. Also, it is easy to find at almost any grocery store. I highly recommend this product.

green works works

I am so excited that a company as large as clorox is taking the initiative to do something as obvious as creating an earth friendly line of cleaning products. I have no complaints - this product works.

Toilet cleaner - good stuff for a not-so-fun job :-)


Pros: Works as good as other non-green cleaners.

Cons: None yet...

My family tried out this "Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner" this last weekend. We found that it worked easily as good as other similar cleaning products, but without all the harsh chemicals! No weird fumes or funny skin sensations from chemicals. It just plain worked good. Recommend this product - inexpensive and effective.

Surprisingly good!


Pros: good scent, works well, affordable

Cons: None yet

I was surprised at how well this works. I usually use my own homemade cleaners with baking soda and vinegar, but that just wasn't cutting it in the toilet bowl. This product works very well, and quickly, and has a very nice scent. It doesn't smell like a toilet bowl cleaner! It's also one of the most affordable green cleaner I've found.
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