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Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner


Pros: Eco friendly, works moderatly well

Cons: struggles to clean tough messes

I have found this cleaner to work well on most messes, but not so well on baked on messes on the stove. I like that the smell is not overpowering, and that it doesn't seem to leave a residue. The only drawback for me has been that it doesn't work well for really tough messes.


Pros: Works just as good as previous cleaners, relatively inexpensive, no heavy odors

Cons: None so far

Like it a lot, and I plan on buying it again once my other bottle runs out. I also plan on buying other products from this line of cleaners, as they seem to be as effective as other products I have used before.


I had it but I felt that it may have chemicals in it still and I have been using the house cleaner from Miessence and I love that! I also use vinegar and water all the time. It did clean well though. Hope that helps!


Pros: Biodegradable, Citrus Scent, Good Cleaner

Cons: None at the moment...

Great alternative to chemical products, the lemon scent is pleasant if one is not bothered by citrus.

My house gets cleaned by good old fashioned baking soda, water, vinegar, and elbow grease.

A bottle is kept for quick clean-up, or when someone is too lazy to mix together the other stuff...

Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

From your kitchen to your bathroom, our natural all-purpose cleaner cuts grease, grime and dirt as well as traditional cleaners. But because it's made from plants and minerals it leaves no harsh chemical fumes or residue. And since it's 99% natural, it's better for the environment too. Spray it on: Counters, appliances, stainless steel, sealed granite, chrome, cook top hoods, sinks and toilets. Ingredients: coconut-based cleaning agent (nonionic surfactant) fragrance with essential lemon oil corn-based ethanol filtered water and biodegradable preservative contains no phosphorous or bleach

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64 oz refillCOX00457



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Green Options › Eco Friendly Green Products › Green Cleaning › House Cleaners › Clorox Green Works Natural All-Purpose Cleaner