Clipper of England Organic Tea

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Clipper of England Organic Tea

Product Description A delicious single estate green tea, high in antioxidants. For 3,000 years the Chinese have praised the health giving properties of pure green tea. Clipper's Organic Green Tea is a superior Flowery Orange Pekoe large leaf tea, grown using only natural methods of cultivation and is highly regarded for its delicate flavor and light golden color. The fine characteristics ensure a delicate, pure and distinctive cup of tea. The organic growing methods ensure the protection of the land, the people that live and work on it and the wildlife, sustaining a balanced, fertile environment. Grown naturally at over 9,000 feet in the nationally protected Bhavani Hills region, India. This small, select tea garden is completely integrated into its wild and remote environment. The landscape is very similar to the Scottish Highlands with lakes and moors, but with the addition of tigers, samba and wild boar. The lovely delicate flavour and golden colour of this organic green tea is due to the slow growing China tea plant which gives the highest quality and the purest, healthiest tea when grown at this altitude and in this environment. The Fairtrade Mark displayed on this delicious Clipper tea is your independent guarantee that the people who produce it are protected from exploitation. The Fairtrade tea gardens are regularly inspected to ensure they fulfil the strict standards laid down by the Fairtrade Foundation, covering education, healthcare, housing, fair pay, safe working conditions and many other welfare matters. About the Brand Family business Clipper Teas Ltd was formed in 1984 by husband-and-wife team Michael and Lorraine Brehme. Michael trained as a tea buyer and taster at Sir John Lyon House in London and is now one of the few Master Tea Tasters in Britain. His expertise, combined with Lorraine's background in the health and wholefood trade, has resulted in Clipper becoming the UK's most enlightened tea and coffee company. Michael Brehme, co-founder of Clipper Teas, with tea estate manager, KT Harsha, in South India.Clipper takes a fresh approach to tea, with the simple belief that high-quality speciality tea should be available to all without compromising people or planet. From a humble beginning with only two chests of tea and one wholefood wholesaler for distribution, the company has developed an extensive range of high quality teas and coffees and are proud to be the only tea company in recent years to have entered the mainstream market in the UK. Leading the way in organics, Clipper was the first tea company to launch a range of high-quality organic teas and the first British company to produce a mainstream, high-quality Organic instant coffee--both award winners. All of Clipper's organic products carry Soil Association Certification. Lorraine and Michael source only the best tea from the finest estates. Dedicated supporters of improving trading relations with the developing world as the single most effective way of reducing world poverty, Clipper has worked with the Fairtrade Foundation since 1992 helping to define operating criteria for large tea estates worldwide, and was the first tea company in the world to be awarded the Fairtrade Mark in 1994. "We believe Fair Trade is the single, most effective way to distribute wealth throughout the world--and with organics, the only meaningful method to sustain the future of our children and generations after them," they say. "We take every possible precaution to buy from companies with good working conditions and absolutely no child labor. Working with independent organizations, manufacturers, and retailers, we are developing products that stretch the boundaries of tea innovation, with particular emphasis on organic cultivation and better trading relations with the developing world."

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