ClimatePath - Carbon Offsetting


Pros: Choose your own projects, easy to use calculator, tax deductible, and your own web page to show off your project portfolio.

First, you browse the projects section and select projects that mean the most to you. The site offers a dozen or so choices including fair trade (Uganda), forestry (Costa Rica), wind (North Dakota), and even CFL retrofitting in New Orleans.  You can add up to three projects to your Portfolio at one time.


Next you estimate of your carbon footprint by entering the basic information about your home, auto and air travel habits. Based on this information, you will see a carbon footprint total, which is the suggested carbon offset amount in order to become "carbon neutral". You also have the option of offsetting just one area of your lifestyle or just a few tons during the checkout process.


Once you've picked your projects and calculated your footprint, you specify the amount you'd like to offset. And checkout. Once complete, you'll have a customized Climate Action page which displays your personal projects, which you can customize to share your thoughts on carbon offsetting and your particular projects with others.


Your tax-deductible donation goes to the ClimatePath Ecologic Fund, a sister 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to permanently retire high-quality, real, credible carbon credits. Your donation helps assure that these projects, and more like them, are financially viable and can continue.

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ClimatePath - Carbon Offsetting

Fighting climate change is the most important issue of our time. ClimatePath allows you to offset your carbon footprint, by making a tax deductible contribution that retires verified offset credits from projects that you select. Supports projects that create the change you want to see in the world! Visit ClimatePath at

Additional FeaturesAll projects are carefully screened and adhere to the highest standards for project design and verification.
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