Clif Nectar Bars


Pros: pretty tasty, filling, organic

Cons: fair amount of fat and sugar for something kind of small

I just had my first Clif Nectar Bar.  Mine was the cranberry, apricot, almond kind.  It wasn't bad at all.  It was a little chewy and moist, but not too chewy.  Truthfully, it tasted a little bit like bulkier, nuttier fruit leather (but...not sticky).  And it tasted pretty good!  I like that it's got natural ingredients (organic apricots, organic dates, organic almonds, organic cranberries, and organic apple juice concentrate) which are all organic.  Not to mention, Clif is a member of 1% for the Planet so that's a nice eco-bonus point.  I can't say the Nectar Bar just floored me.  But I'd definitely eat one again.

Clif Nectar Bars

Product Description Keep it simple, that's the Clif Nectar motto. With two servings of fruit, the Clif Nectar Cacao Organic Chocolate Bar is bursting with flavor--and the essence of nature. Made with dark chocolate and walnut, this fruit and nut bar is certified organic by QAI. Clif Bar sources ingredients which do not contain soy, wheat, gluten or dairy. This product is not genetically engineered.

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