Clif Bar Energy Bar Reviews


Great on the go meal


Pros: Cheap, good

Cons: some flavors aren't as good...

I buy these from Trader Joes (always $1 each) and they rock.  My favorite flavors are cool mint chocolate and carrot cake.  They are great for a hearty snack or a light meal.  

best for on the go

i always have cliff bars on my cupboards, and in my bag. they're the best snack (though i often use them as a meal replacement when i don't have time to sit & eat)some funky flavours, but if you stick with oatmeal, chocolate chip & peanut chocolate chip, you'll be all good

Still My Favorite Energy Bar


Pros: lots of flavors (most of them are good)

Cons: costs more than a 'chewy bar'

I have tried many different kinds of energy bars and clif bar is still my favorite. I like the peanut crunch and chocolate peanut crunch ones the best. I always keep a few lying around my house for those days when I know I'm gonna be out and about wishing I had quick snack on hand that will actually fill me up. 

Cliff Bar


Pros: cool flavors

Cons: strange after taste

I love these bars. They are great for before or after sports, and the flavors are really cool.  My favorite is the carrot cake.  The only downside is they leave you a little bit thirsty after.  They are very filling bars so I normally would eat a whole mini bar, or half of one at a time to tide me over.  The chocolate chip ones are also good because you get a little chocolate surprise in every bite.  If you read the ingredients list on these bars it's pretty interesting and way more natural than normal energy bars. 

Good ingredients


Pros: mostly organic, pretty healthy, taste pretty good

Clif Bars are a great on-the-go snack.  I'll usually have a few on hand in my cupboard in case I don't have time to grab lunch (or breakfast).  They've been real life savers on long car rides/airplane rides.  For the most part, I like the texture of the bars (they're way better than Power Bars or anything along those lines).  I couldn't say exactly which flavor is my favorite, but I tend to opt for the fruitier and nuttier kinds, as opposed to the chocolate versions.  That being said, the most recent Clif Bar I had was the Chocolate Almond Fudge version.  And it was really quite tasty!  And not too sweet.  Plus, I've got to give Clif Bar bonus points for working with TerraCycle.

Best tasting energy bar for me

My husband eats tons of energy bars but I hadn't found one that I really liked. This one is the best tasting one I have found. The only problem is that they are more expensive but I ordered some online to cut down on the cost so now we can enjoy more of these.

Great Tasting Bars


Pros: great taste, full of nutrition, available most places

Cons: tends to be pricy

Clif bars a great healthy snack when you're feeling hungry and need some energy!  Not only do they taste great but they also have lots of nutrients.

Great Energy Bar


Pros: Tastes surprisingly good

Cons: Not really any...

I have these from time-to-time and really like them.  My favorite is the "Crunchy Peanut Butter".  They are mostly organic, provided some good protein/energy, heck - and tho they may look kinda funny - they taste really good! Recommend these!!! UPDATE!!!:  My kids have taken a real liking to the "Jr." version of these.  Their favs are the chocolate brownie and honey graham... Love it when the kids like the better-for-you snacks!

Cliffy Yummy Peanut Buttery.


Pros: yummy, chewy, nutritious

Cons: not a meal replacement, expensive

I used to love snacking on these at work when we sold them in the coffee shop I managed.  They weren't exactly a meal, but they were great for a 'tea time' snack-- when you know you've got class or something, and dinner will be late.  They give a lot of energy, though.  I like the peanut butter ones best!