Cleanwell Natural Antibacterial Hand Wash Reviews


Not a big fan of this!


Pros: cleans well

Cons: contains SLS, smells weird

I have to say from the start, this is not my favorite hand wash. First, I find the foam dispenser kind of weird, but that's just my personal preference. It does what it's supposed to do, leaves my hands clean but the smells leaves something to be desired.... It reminds me of citrus household cleaners (I have the orange/vanilla one) and fake vanilla scent. Not a scent I like on my hands (or anywhere else for that matter)... A close inspection of the ingredient list revealed that it contains SLS, something that I have been trying to avoid.  One more reason not to purchase this again.

Another great product from CleanWell


Pros: Gentle, scent, foam, natural, botanical, sustainable

Cons: none

I am not a big advocate of antimicrobial soap, many studies actually find them useless when compared to regular soap. However, I found some situations they can be beneficial (after handling meat or when I cut myself), and there it is ... CleanWell All Natural Antibacterial hand soap. Besides the cleaning potency, which is already superior to most (you can feel it while you rub your hands), the foam does a great job (I just wet my hands, turn the water off) and the whole rinsing takes less than ten seconds leaving your hands fresh and soft. But the main trigger is ... my kids. They love it so much we don't even have to chase them to watch their hands. And that's pretty much...
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Pros: Creamy and Foamy

I love this stuff. I originally bought it on-line but now that our town's health food store just opened, they are carrying it. I have 1 of each scent. My favorite is the green one though. The foam is very thick and creamy feeling, and it doesn't feel as though you are drying out your skin. Easy to rinse off too, doesn't leave a weird residue.