Cleanwell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer Reviews

Positive Reviews


Excellent hand sanitizer


Pros: Most natural hand sanitizer, kid-friendly

Cons: Some claim bad smell, but most like it

There are only two real options when it comes to healthy and environmentally-friendly hand sanitizer - Cleanwell and Babyganics. Cleanwell has the most natural ingredients of the two. Smell is similar to Seventh Generation all-purpose cleaner, due to the fact that Thymol is the active germ-killing ingredient. Smell is slightly citrusy, and dissipates after a short while, so if you don't like it, it shouldn't be a problem.

Herby Goodness


Pros: Not sticky, 2 sprays does the trick

Cons: smell takes getting used to

The price is a bit higher than the Walgreens brand I was using but it doesn't dry my hands out and once I got used to the smell I rather like it.  My hands are clean with 2 sprays and a quick rub and it drys fairly fast as well. 

Negative Reviews


Natural Does Not Mean Safe and Effective


Pros: None

Cons: Not Effective or Safe for Children

The information about the Thyme Oil active ingredient is incorrect, it is Thymol which is identified as moderately toxic by the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database and highly toxic by the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) The PAN lists it as a Bad Actor ... PAN Bad Actors are chemicals that are one or more of the following: highly acutely toxic, cholinesterase inhibitor, known/probable carcinogen, known groundwater pollutant or known reproductive or developmental toxicant. Also the company says the product meets FDA requirements. When I contacted the FDA they indicated that they don't regard Thymol as an effective antiseptic or sanitizer, particularly at the levels found in CleanWell and based on...
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Nice thought, but does not spread well and smells bad


Pros: Non-toxic, all-natural hand sanitizer

Cons: Strong, unpleasant smell, does not spread on well, so have to spray a lot

I love the idea of this, but I wish it spread more like conventional hand sanitizers. You spray it on and it does not spread in well--I have to spray 7-8 times to cover my hands. It is also slightly drying. Would like a lotion version with natural aloe--not sure if they make it.

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I love this stuff!!

This hand sanitizer is TERRIFIC.  It's the first eco-friendly sanitizer I've ever used.  I have been addicted to those alcohol-based conventional sanitizing gels for many years.  This is a marked improvement. First and foremost, it's 100% natural and more efficient in terms of volume of product used (4x more uses per ounce than the gel stuff).  Beyond these perks, it also just works so much better -- it doesn't leave a sticky residue, dries quickly, and doesn't contain alcohol so it's not drying.  It also doesn't leave a leftover strong scent that I used to experience with the gels.  So great!  I'm officially a convert.  :)

Makes me feel better about touching the handle bars on the bus


Pros: Doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky

Cons: Doesn't have sparklies like Purell, definitely pricier than Purell

I haven't had the spray for very long but so far, I'm quite pleased.  I find that one or two sprays and some fast action rubbing is enough to cover both of my palms.  It also dries nicely and doesn't leave your hands feeling all coated or sticky.  Nor does it seem to dry out my skin (but time will tell on that one). The fragrance might take a little getting used to, but I don't really mind it.  Since the active ingredient is essential oil of smells like thyme!  More or less anyway.  It's really just kind of herbal smelling (if that makes any sense).  I find it to be quite light and after a few minutes I don't smell much of it any more anyway. The cost is a tad steep when...
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The sustainable choice


Pros: sustainable, essential oil based antimicrobial formulation, safe for everyone, no synthetic and harmful chemicals

Cons: none

This is a new generation of antimicrobial personal care products that has no toxic burden on people or the environment. It has a pleasant citrus scent. I use it all the time, especially when I travel, use public transportation, go shopping, every time there is a risk of cross-contamination ... My kids use it as well. It is a product I'll recommend for moms and dads with children, especially babies. Disclaimer: I have worked for this company.

Perfect packaging


Pros: I love the flip lid that reveals a sprayer, concentrated, mild scent (like oregano)

Most hand sanitizers have a very strong scent, but this one has a much more mild scent. It says is lasts 4x longer than alcohol based gels, so that's a definite plus. The flip lid is a great design. This is the perfect hand sanitizer for camping or other no-soap-and-water situations.

I use it all the time


Pros: Non Sticky

Cons: NO Cons

I love this stuff. It smells like herbs ('cause it's made with them). It does not leave a sticky feel to your hands. We can't keep this stuff on our shelves at work. It sells so fast. It's the first hand sanitizer I've used that I actually love and it doesn't dry my skin out.