Cleanse 'n Carry Reviews


useful portable bidet


Pros: hygienic, portable, useful

Cons: some might consider it "icky"

I'm a fan of bidets, owning a BioBidet at home.  They're more hygienic, eco friendly, and just do a better job than toilet paper.  So conceptually I like the Cleanse 'n Carry because it allows me to take a bidet anywhere I go. The bottle is a good size.  I find that filling it up provides just the right amount of water to get the job done.  However, the bottle is a little on the large side in terms of carrying it around.  If you've got a purse or some other type of bag, then it's no problem.  It will probably fit in most pockets too, but it's a little bulky. It's simple to use - just fill it up with water, attach the nozzle, point it at your nether regions, and squeeze several times until...
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Maybe not something you take to show and tell but it gets the job done


Pros: Portable, reduces your use of toilet tissue

Cons: Won't fit in your pocket

There are some who think bidets in general are weird.  And there are even others who think a portable bidet would be even weirder. But I can tell you the Cleanse 'n Carry, while maybe not be your conversation starter of choice for your next party, is a very useful little contraption.  It helps keep you feeling fresh and clean and reduces your toilet tissue use (and therefore, your eco-impact).  It's easy to use and refillable so you only need one.  I've found it's easier for...err...Number One (from a lady's perspective) than Number Two.  But once you get your positioning and water direction down, you'll be good to go.  And it's not too hard to figure out.  :-) It's a little bulky so...
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