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Clean Earth Brands Earthworm Family-Safe Drain Cleaner


Pros: safe/smells good/works

We've had some slow drains throughout the house for a while, just got fed up..Found this in the store, figured I would give it a try..Wow, it opened our drain up, and leaves the area smelling very pleasant, it says it's citrus and sage...It's nice to know we are using something safe for the environment, safe around kids/pets, and worked to open our slow drain....thanks for this great product...hopefull the word will spread about Earthworm....good luck....


Pros: Biodegradable, safe, all that jazz

Cons: Didn't really seem to make much difference

So in full disclosure...I'm sure there could have been some operator error involved here.  My roommate and I picked up a bottle of this stuff at Bed, Bath, and Beyond last month.  We didn't exactly follow all the're supposed to pour 6 ounces down your drain each night (after everyone's finished using it) for a week.  We did that...kind of sporadically...and not always after everyone had gotten home for the evening (our third roommate keeps late hours sometimes).


Our bathroom sink has been draining pretty slowly for two months and we've just been putting up with it.  But while we were there, we figured we'd spend a few more bucks on a drain cleaner.


I did really want to like this stuff.  It smelled nice.  It's good things.  But...I can't say I really noticed much difference even after the whole bottle was gone.  I suppose our sink drains a bit more quickly...but I might be seeing what I want to see. 


Anyway, to make a long story short...I think I'll be trying something else.


Pros: family/pet friendly, smells good, non-toxic

Cons: multi night application

I have to say I was a skeptic about this.  I have a perpetually clogged bathtub drain and the thought of pouring draino down the drain made me sad bc it's so toxic.  I used the earthworm cleaner and after the second night my drain started working again!  It has a nice smell too, which I never thought was possible for a drain cleaner?!  Two thumbs up.

Clean Earth Brands Earthworm Family-Safe Drain Cleaner

Earthworm Family-Safe Drain Cleaner contains a safe, natural, enzyme-producing bacteria which digests organic wastes. Here's how it works: A real earthworm eats dirt and digests the organic matter. This process loosens the soil and allows roots to grow. Our Earthworm natural drain cleaner acts just like a real earthworm by loosening grease, oils, fats and other organic wastes. This keeps your drain clear, clean and smelling fresh. And no, there aren't worms in the bottle (just enviromentally safe liquid)! * Made from 100% natural enzymes * Fresh citrus & sage fragrance * Keeps garbage disposals smelling clean & won't hurt pipes * Removes build-up and stops clogs before they start * Safe around pets and children * Biodegradable and earth-friendly * Does not contain acids, caustics, or solvents

Additional Features
TypeDrain cleaner
Release Date
Percent Organic
Percent Natural100%
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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How To Use:


DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using (settling of natural ingredients is normal).


DRAINS: Pour 6-8 oz. of Earthworm Family-Safe Drain Cleaner directly into drain opening. Using Earthworm twice weekly keeps your drains free of clogs and smelling fresh.


GARBAGE DISPOSALS: Pour 4-8 oz. of Earthworm directly into disposal. Using Earthworm 2-3 times per week keeps your disposals clean, clear and smelling fresh.


SEPTIC SYSTEM: Add 1 bottle of Earthworm per 25 cubic feet initially. Then use 12-16 oz. Earthworm per 25 cubic feet at least once per week for optimum results. Pour directly into toilet and flush. Severely clogged tanks may require 2-3 bottles on initial application.


RECREATIONAL VEHICLES & BOATS: Add 4-6 oz. Earthworm per gallon of water in holding tank. Then use 2-4 oz. weekly for maintenance. For dump stations,use 3-4 oz. Earthworm per gallon of tank capacity. Then use 16 oz. per week for maintenance.




does not contain caustic chemicals, please use safely. If accidental ingestion occurs, drink large quantities of milk and water and seek medical help. This product and all cleaning products must be

kept out of the reach of children




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