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Citizenpip Soup to Nuts Lunch Kit


Pros: easy to use and organized

Cons: plastic

The Citizenpip kits are great, however, I am worried about all the plastic.  I did get some stainless steel containers that are 304 food grade SS from Kids Konserve and love how durable and non-plastic they are.


Pros: Super inclusive, has everything you need to pack a great eco-friendly lunch and it's toxin free.

Cons: Not great for boys, not sure if it's Fair Trade, napkins aren't organic

My son Cedar, who by the way, is super picky, actually likes this eco-friendly waste free lunch kit (and trust me, we looked at a lot)

This kit has many pros and just a few cons but overall is a really great deal if you're looking for an eco-friendly lunch box for your child.


The Citizenpip Soup to Nuts kit comes with:
  • Insulated lunch bag with a nametag and carabiner (bag is currently available in 3 designs)
  • 18.5 oz stainless steel water bottle
  • Stainless steel insulated food jar
  • 4 BPA-free airtight food containers
  • Stainless steel fork + spoon set
  • 5 100% cloth cotton napkins

  • For the price, is an excellent value. Includes all the gear you need for a reusable lunch. Although, I'd buy an extra set of containers so you don't have to wash them daily OR pick up some reusable snack baggies to go with the set.
  • Fully lead, BPA , PVC, and phthalates free.
  • Recyclable when it's at the end of its life.
  • Food jar and water bottle are made with stainless steel so no liners or risk of BPA in the liners.
  • Bag is small but still roomy enough for an entire lunch. PLUS small icepack. Insulated container keeps food hot or cold well. Also the bag itself is insulated.
  • Lids stay on tight on all the included containers. 
  • My son mostly liked the design. I LOVED the designs personally.

  • Citizenpip bags are cute but not altogether boy friendly. Pastels or bright colors not my son's fave. Citizenpip owner Christina actually commented on this to me though, “I know what you mean - I have 3 boys - and they’re all definitely dudes. The younger two like the current designs - but my oldest uses the BYOB kit. Next round, I plan on doing older/edgier (and more boyish) designs - but we wanted to start with something that could appeal to both genders (which is harder as the kids get older).
  • The cloth napkins aren’t organic cotton.
  • The water bottle is not big enough for an older kid. 
  • It’s noted that the lunch bag and fork + spoon set are made in Taiwan, and all other products are made in China, but there’s no disclaimer about work conditions on their website.

OVERALL: There are some cons but I'd recommend this kit to pals for sure. It's non toxic, easy, and a great deal for what you get.

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Citizenpip Soup to Nuts Lunch Kit

All inclusive waste free lunch kit that comes with every single thing you need to pack a garbage free, waste free, reusable lunch for your child.

Additional FeaturesWhole kit is fully recyclable.
Additional Featuresno lead, BPA, PVC, or phthalates in any parts of the Soup to Nuts Kit
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