Christopher Anthony Toasty Boys Boxer Brief


Pros: Comfortable and Warm

So I've had a pair of Toasty Boys for a few months now and i have to say that I wear them a good amount of the time. To be honest, I'm not a person who really enjoys wearing any type of underwear do to an overheating problem of mine and, a most unwelcome constricted feeling that I usually get from tighter underwear. So far Ive had no overheating or claustrophobic "attacks" while wearing this pair of briefs. I usually wear them here in California and even on hot days they are really quite breathable. I was also recently in New York for a few days this winter and the only part of me that was completely warm was my waist to mid-thigh section. So in short, these Toasty's are perfect for my various underwear ailments.


The only problem that I had with the Toasty's is that when I first tried them on they were somewhat baggy in the thigh area but, a quick wash shrunk them to a more form Also, they might look somewhat similar to an itchy pair of long john's cut into briefs but I assure you, they are not scratchy even in the slightest.

Christopher Anthony Toasty Boys Boxer Brief

A mid-thigh THERMAL Boxer Brief that will keep your prized possessions nice and Toasty this Fall/Winter. Fabric is made from 100% Organic Cotton and features the softest, most comfortable Organic Cotton Waistband there is. The waffle weave fabric is knit, slightly, looser then 'old school Thermal' so it stretches and releases just enough heat all the while keeping your "Boys" Toasty INSTEAD of Hot! WASH BEFORE WEAR for PERFECT FIT.

Additional Features
Material100% organic cotton
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