Choice Organic Tea Reviews


Very aromatic


Pros: taste

Cons: price

I have been avoiding tea bags and go for loose leaf tea whenever possible because the taste tends to be better. Most tea in tea bags does not even taste like tea and most people do not even know that until they have tasted real tea! After reading some good reviews on this I was willing to give it a try and I am glad I did. This is the most aromatic tea I've had in a tea bag. I tried a couple of green tea varieties and they compare pretty well to some of the loose leaf varieties I have. I also like the wide range of flavors they offer and the staple-less bag is a nice touch. Only drawback is the price though.

Not a bad organic tea


Pros: Organic

I picked up two boxes of Choice Organic Tea about two months ago and I just used my last tea bag.  I had the Green Jasmine tea and the Mint Green.  I liked the Mint Green a lot.  I've had various kinds of green jasmine before...and this wasn't my absolute favorite.  Like some green teas, this one was a little on the bitter side (although I had hoped it'd be mellowed out by the jasmine).  But all in all, I liked them.  They're a little on the pricey side but I'd still get them again.