ChicoBag Reusable Compact Bag Reviews


Light small eco bags


Pros: light, small, can clip on anything

Been using it for about a year and it's still in good shape, I carry it everywhere, it's super light, doesn't take space, yet holds a good amount of groceries. I hate dealing with excess paper and plastic bags. Eco bags makes good gifts as they come in many colors.

Great durable bag


Pros: Durable, stuff sack

I first got a Chico Bag for free from a local co-op but I gave it to my daughter. But the bags were so great I had to get one for myself too! They are well designed with the stuff sack. I usually keep mine open but I can see how it would be great if you're biking to the grocery store to just stick the bag into your pocket. The straps are a good length to go right over your shoulder too (even on a bicycle).

So convenient


Pros: Very handy, compacts nicely, has a little carabiner on it

I have two Chico bags now.  And I have to say, I'm a huge fan.  In terms of aesthetics, not all are created equal of course (depending on where you get yours, it might be branded with something...for example, the Whole Foods Chicobags are kind of boring and standard, but one of the ones I got has a nice picture of the Earth).   But in terms of overall design, they're really very handy and well made.  I love the fact that there's a little stuff sack you can shove the bag into and the carabiner is great if you want to clip the compact bag to something.  The material of the bag itself seems quite sturdy (although I haven't put mine through super rigorous tests).  And the handles are a good...
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Bag is man's new best friend


Pros: Very easily carried at all times, extremely reliable, and always an eye-catcher!

Cons: Not even close.......

This bag is really awesome.  It feels just like a parachute, folds really small, and carries a bunch of stuff.  That is exactly what I need when I go to a mini-market, deli for lunch, store for a few items, or when I just "might" need a handy bag.   I have seen them in many colors with a whole bunch of different logos and messages on them.  My most used one is a Brown bag, from San Francisco GreenFest that says, "Compost Happens".  Everybody always has a comment when they see me sneak it out of my pocket or catch a glimpse of it in action!! My ChicoBag helps me feel great about myself EVERY time I walk into a store or a commerce situation, and that is really uplifting.  Also works as a...
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best best bag


Pros: fits perfectly in purse (even small ones), holds alot, easy to use

This is the best reusable bag I have -- mostly because it's so small when put inside the attached pouch that it's easy to carry with me.  Meaning, I use it!  As opposed to the 4 other reusable bags I have at home that are adorable but stay adorable hanging on the kitchen door knob because I constantly forget them right there when I got to the store.  The chico bag, on the other hand, is always in my purse or my car glove compartment -- meaning even when I go to the drugstore, or bookstore, or wherever, I can pull it out when I'm asked "do you need a bag."  It's a great feeling, and it also holds alot of stuff, and can be thrown in the washer (so I can carry food one day, and books the...
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