Chevy Volt Reviews


My two week review with the Volt


Pros: Driving the Volt brought back memories of driving my Camaro. The Volt’s tight steering is like driving a sports car and has a punch to it when you put

Cons: One of the problems I had, on the longer trip home, was the driver’s door. I like to rest my arm on the window ledge or the armrest below the window.

My daughter and I picked up our Volt on Friday, February 11th from New York and drove it back 750 miles to Lansing, MI. We drove 60 to 80 mph and even in a snow storm. You would never know that it was an electric car if the engine would not have turn on and back off.   We picked up the car at 2:30 p.m. from Atlantic Chevrolet in Bay Shore on Long Island New York. Our salesman was Neal Diamond who has sold over 18 Volts. They had the car all cleaned and charged up when we arrived and we got the paperwork done in about an hour.   We had a problem with the navigation system trying to get a download from OnStar. We had to call three times and had OnStar send the directions...
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