Chevy S10 Electric


Pros: Freeway Speed, Zero Emission

Cons: 50 Mile Range

I have been driving this to work and for errands for over a year now. I have put over 5000 miles on it and it has worked great. It is sad that GM did not continue to make these, with incremental improvements each year, they would have a great EV today.

The 50 mile range has not been an issue. I plug it in each evening and it starts out each day fully charged. Most days I drive less than 30 miles. Often a quick 30 minute charge between work and errands is enough to get it to 80+ % of full and to avoid "range anxiety".

Some of these trucks still get over 70 miles of range even with their 10 year old batteries.


Pros: No Gas


Not sure why this truck is on here since it was more of a prototype and theyre not even out there for sale.

Chevy S10 Electric

This is a battery electric vehicle that GM/Chevy made in 1997 and 1998 to comply with the California zero emission mandate from the air resources board (CARB). It used the same drivetrain as the milestone GM EV1. It was sold and leased as a fleet vehicle. As the fleet life of these vehicles ended in 2006-2008, the few that were fully titled (rather than leased) where auctioned to private owners. As a result, there are about 60 of these EVs on the roads today (mostly on the West Coast and in AZ).

Engine85 kW AC (114 HP)
Additional FeaturesFront engine, front wheel drive
Fuel Type
Miles per Charge50
Body TypeTruck
EV TypeHighway speed vehicle
Top Speed70 mph
Release StatusNo longer available
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC