Charlie's Soap Laundry Powder Reviews



Since I started using Charlie's soap over a year and a half ago I have had wonderfully clean laundry (and cloth diapers) I love the many many uses I have found for my Charlie's besides just laundry (i use it in the dishwasher in the yard to clean tubs and showers)

Sometime use


Pros: great for cleaning clothes

Cons: allergies

This would be good because it does get clothes and diapers smelling good and clean except we have a little reaction to this son and I have extremely sensitive skin so it does it with a lot of stuff but this one is worse then others Ive had.

Great for babies and adults


Pros: No bad ingredients, gentle for baby, inexpensive, no perfume, cleans everything

Cons: Have to buy online

 I started using this when I had a baby and it was the perfect choice.  We used it fro everything, including cloth diapers, and it gets everything clean.  I stopped using it in the last six months just due to convenience but after seeing the reviews and remembering how wonderful it is , I think I have to get it again.  What I changed to just doesn't clean as well.  I highly recommend this especially for cleaning cloth diapers which can be very tricky.  At least give it a try.  Another great bonus is that it lasts forever and you need very little per load.

No more smelly laundry!

I first tried the little bag of Charlie's Soap and a gallon of the liquid to see if it was as good as everyone else said it was and after a week had ordered the big bucket.  My parents have also started to use it after they stayed with us for a bit. I use it on all of our clothes and the cloth diapers for the boys.  I use it in cold, warm and hot water.  It gets everything so clean and works wonderfully.  The price seems a bit scary for the big bucket at first, but I've been using it for over a year now and there's still plenty in it.  We had been going through one or two things of detergent from the store a month before. After I had been using Charlie's for a few months I ran across a...
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