Celestial Seasonings Organic Tea Reviews


Caffeine-free black tea is good.


Pros: Tastes pretty good, a little different than other black teas.

Cons: Not my favorite, but still good.

This is a pretty good line of teas.  I now have the caffeine-free black tea, which is pretty good.  Not the best for making a pitcher of tea, I found out, but still great for a hot mug.  The flavor is pretty mild and the color tends to stay light after steeping. 

Pretty good...


Pros: Decent tea, cheap, organic

Cons: Questionable tea bags...harder to find

My green tea addiction began with Celestial Seasonings.  I was happy to see that they added an organic line.  However, their organic teas are not very easy to track down (sometimes they are at the big box stores, sometimes not), and I wonder what the story is behind their tea bags...a quick internet search suggests that they are not chlorine bleached, but that they may be made of palm paper?!?  I will be writing to the company to see what I can find out.