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Pros: It maintains 350 on a sunny day, you can't burn or scorch food,does't dry out foods...stays moist, need only suns energy, weighs only 19 lbs, folds up

Cons: needs the sun to function

Alice and I sold our home and everything we own and bought a 40ft Ultimate Advantage Winnebago motor home and started touring the country. Our only challenge was "boondocking", dry camping... not being plugged into electricity, sewer or water. Everything but the air conditioning and oven operates off the battery bank using an inverter. To operate the oven the generator needs to be turned on....
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Sun Ovens Global Sun Oven

Sun Ovens Global Sun Oven

“Why don't we all use solar ovens all the time? Yes, like almost any responsible thing we do, you have to be a little bit more conscious of the world around you to use a solar oven effectively. So I'm working in the yard, and every couple of hours I come and check on the beans that are baking in the sun oven, and turn the oven so that is following the motion of the sun. The oven never got super...” --

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