Cascadian Farms Frozen Juice Concentrate Reviews

Positive Reviews


Not my favorite company, but the best deal for organic juice


Pros: Cheap and environmentally friendly!

Cons: No added calcium, limited range of flavors, Cascadian Farms

Have you ever noticed that buying a half gallon of organic juice costs a week's pay?  (Admittedly, I don't work a lot of hours right now...but that juice is going to cost you!) Buying concentrate is much cheaper- and more environmentally friendly.  Less weight for shipping = fewer carbon emissions, and less packaging = less landfill space. And it tastes good too.   That said, every rose has it's thorn.  Here is my list of gripes- -I can't get orange juice with calcium (which is nice, but not a deal breaker). -I can't buy more exotic juice blends- it's straight up orange, apple, grape, cranberry, lemonade, or raspberry (again, it would be nice, but I can always mix up a little apple...
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Negative Reviews


Seems like they are watering it down


Pros: Organic

Cons: Weak

I was a regular consumer of Cascadian Frozen orange juice until about 2? years ago when I noticed that it had become thinner and less flavorful. I switched back to Minutemaid. Just this week I gave them another try and discovered that the OJ was still rather thin.  It seems like they cut back on the juice content right around the start of the recession.  At almost double the price of regular frozen orange juice It should taste better.