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Car Planet Eco Friendly Car Care


Pros: easy to use and as effective as normal stuff

Cons: can't find it easily, not the cheapest product on the market

I wash my cars a lot.  Last summer i noticed that all the grass next to the driveway where i do my detailing was dying.  This made me question what what we must be putting in the ground and i decided that it was time to go green.  I'm a big fan of these products (i have used the glass cleaner, wheel cleaner, wash and multi-purpose cleaner so far) and i got them on Amazon. Its nice to know that I don't have to trade a clean car for a dirty water table and dead grass...Worth a try.


Pros: works as well, if not better than, traditional cleaners; affordable; rain repellent lasts for a while

Cons: Can only get it from website.

I am a huge proponent of green cleaning products, both around the house & for my car. I even use some that don't work as well as traditional products, just to be good to the environment. BUT I no longer have to make that sacrifice!!! (Nor do I have to fork out big-bucks to buy green!!!!) I was pleasantly surprised by how well Car Planet works. I don't clean my car all that often, but when I do, I want it to be perfect. The whole line - glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, tire shine, etc. - works great. And, I'm especially excited that the rain repellent hasn't yet worn off, either from my windshield or my bathroom mirror (my favorite trick.) No more Rain-X for me.


Now we just have to get stores to realize what they're missing out on and get it on the shelves....


Pros: Neat packaging, work as advertised, priced right

Cons: None except not available in stores yet.

These products were a breeze to use.  I don't do my car all the time, so when I do, I don't want to have to do it twice.  Everything worked as expected, they were priced very reasonably and I only wish I could purchase them in the stores.  I can't wait for it to rain to see the water just blow off my windshield.  The wheel cleaner even cut through the brake dust, which I was skeptical about; not any more.  Hope more people find out about these items because our environment needs all the help it can get.  And cars looking good doesn't hurt either.


Pros: full line of products, environmentally friendly, the stuff works as advertised

Cons: hard to find for now

Like another reviewer, I'm not too worried about paying for products that are necessarily green. In this case, though, it's a nice side benefit that these car care products not only do something for the environment, but they clean my car the way I expect top-notch chemicals to clean. I don't get my car detailed often, but when I do, it's a pretty big deal. My detailer recently switched to this line of products, and he's told me a lot about the benefits. Shockingly, there seem to be no reasons not to use the product. He's even hooked me up with some All Purpose, Tire Shine and Wheel Cleaner, and I've been incredibly satisfied. No more of the harsh chemicals for me. It's hard to believe that these products were never available before. It's also a mystery why more people wouldn't want to use them. I recommend this product highly - once you're in, you're hooked.


Pros: Great product line, very effective, long lasting rain repellent, green friendly, makes you feel good, makes your car look great

Cons: None found

So I'm a typical guy who loves his car, and I am always looking for a great way to clean my ride.  To be honest, I am not usually concerned with green-friendly things. If it's not a big sacrifice, then I will certainly do my part.  Well here is the deal on these Car Planet chemicals.  They are certainly not a sacrifice.  They are an advantage!  I have tried them all and to my surprise, these chemicals are better than anything else I have used. EVER.  The product line is fantastic, the rain repellent puts rain-x to shame and the car wash has my Acura gleaming.  I use the all purpose cleaner to get grease off my carpets and dirt and grime off the vinyl in the door-jams. The tire shine is stellar and the wheel cleaner is my favorite, as it absolutely eats away at the dirt on my wheels with almost zero effort on my part.  The glass cleaner is also a streak-free treat and it is friendly on the tint too. All in all, this stuff is now my go-to car cleaning line, as it provides me with the best looking car and I'm not hurting the environment either.  Thats a pretty good combination. 


Pros: Really Do Work



I bought these as a gift for my husband when we saw them at a local car show.  Of course we were both skeptical that a green product could be as good as the regular stuff, but to our surprise, these products actually work quite well.  My husband was blown away at the All-purpose, as it cleaned his engine bay with ease, and the Tire Shine, which lasted longer than most with a deep rich shine.  I love the glass cleaner, works perfect and no odor!  So much for Windex.  Thanks Car Planet!  You certainly have a new customer!




Pros: Completely Biodigradable. Green Products that Actually Work!

Cons: Can only buy on website yet.

Car Planet is a company started by actual automotive detailers, it says so right on their bottle.  They had a goal, which was to create effective detailing products that are completely safe for the enviroment and the person using them.  All of the products are 100% organic.  


Car Planet currently offers All-Purpose Cleaner, Car Wash, Tire Shine, Glass Cleaner, Rain Repellent and Wheel Cleaner.  


I purchased the Car Wash, All-Purpose, Tire Shine and Glass Cleaner, just to try them out as I am a car detailing nut.  These products are, for lack of a better term, amazing.  In fact it is difficult to beleive that they are green by the way they work, but feeling them and smelling them you can tell they are not harmful.  


My experience with "Green" products has been that they work ok, but Car Planet finally proves that going green does not have to be a sacrifice.  


I will keep buying.

Car Planet Eco Friendly Car Care

Car Planet is a company dedicated to producing completely "Green" automotive detailing products. We were started by actual detailers that wanted an effective solution to detailing. Our product had to work just as well as the harmful stuff but not be harmful at all. The solution is now available for everyone. From detail shops to car dealerships to home, Car Planet will be there doing the very best job possible. The bottom line is, these products actually work, and the time for sacrificing effectiveness for the word "green" is over. Now offering Car Wash, Tire Shine, All-Purpose, Glass Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner and Rain Repellent.

Additional Features
Release Date10/15/2008
Percent Natural100%
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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