Caldrea French Pop-up Sponges

100% Positive Reviews


I really like these. They come in this tiny and very minimal package and they pop when wet to become a big and pretty sponge. It's like magic! They are bigger than your regular sponges and they are just as effective. They last for quite a while too. I have been using mine for over a month and it still hasn't fallen apart (which is what happens with most sponges by this time).


The only problem is that they are pricey compared to similar products. I paid $10 for 10 sponges. At $1 a sponge you could argue that they are too expensive, but given the durability, I think I will buy them again, even though my package will last me at least a year it looks like.

Caldrea French Pop-up Sponges

Caldrea French Pop-Up Sponges are the perfect complement to your Caldrea Dish Soap Liquid. Dip in water and our 4 inch by 3 inch sponge expands to be 1/2 inch deep. Super absorbent and durable to tackle all your pots and pans. Made from natural cellulose and cotton.

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TypeSponge or scouring pad
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