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C. Crane GeoBulb LED Light Bulb


Pros: Diffuse output, A19 shape

Cons: Expensive, hums

This LED lamp took nearly a year from product announcement to first shipment.  Initially it was claimed to put out 800 lumens while consuming under 8 watts, a breakthrough in efficacy at the time.  Final specifications do keep it consuming under 8 watts (7.5), but only putting out 446 lumens for the Cool White version, and significantly less for the warmer colors (what they call "Soft White" and "Warm White").  This is a drop in efficacy from the initial claim of over 100 lumens/watt to just under 60 lumens/watt.  This combined with the less-than-average lifetime claim of 30,000 hours, and high initial cost, give it a cost-per-megalumen-hour figure no better than incandescents (around $12.50 at $0.10/kWh).


My Watt's Up wattmeter confirms the 7.5 watt power consumption specification.  My homemade integrating sphere also confirms a lumen output in the mid 400s, on par with a 40-watt incandescent bulb.  Their advertising literature continues to claim "60-watt incandescent equivalence", which is simply not true.  Maybe if they had managed to achieve the initial claim of 800 lumens that equivalence would hold.


This is one of the few omnidirectional LED lamps out there, it puts out good diffuse light, more from the top than the bottom, as is the case with many of this style of LED lamp.  It has a unique appearance, and a shape similar enough to the A19 shape that those clip-on lampshades will probably work with it.


I was disappointed to discover that it emits a humming sound, audible out to 6-10 feet, depending on the level of ambient noise in the room.  This might be enough to take it out of the running for some people sensitive to such sounds, in quiet environments, such as a bedside reading light.


The globe portion of this LED lamp is apparently made of glass, increasing its fragility compared to most other similar LED lamps, which use a polycarbonate material.


Some justification for the high price may be found in the UL and FCC listings for this LED lamp.  This is still quite rare among LED lamps.  Virtually none of the less-expensive LED lamps from China will have such safety listings.  The box it came in does say "Made in China" by the way, I suspect the difference is that those other LED lamps were also designed in China whereas the GeoBulb was designed in USA (just guessing though).


The price was recently lowered to $100.  For it to compete against other LED lamps in its class, it needs to be about half that.  All in all, a decent LED lamp that's lacking a decent price.


Pros: low heat, energy savings, instant on, lon life


These bulbs are ok, but not perfected yet. The "warm" version emits a very pleasant light.

I purchased one about a year ago and it works as-advertized except for one area.

The product description states:

"the GeoBulb has no mercury, turns on instantly, creates no humming sound, and can be used in colder temperatures"

The part about the huming sound is a bold-faced lie. The geo-bulb II emits a humming sound audible about 8 feet from the bulb. I contacted C.Crane after purchasing and they said some sound was normal but sent me a replacement in case mine was defective. The replacement bulb made just as much sound as the first one.

The sound is not terribly loud, but forget about using it in a reading lamp. If you plan to use it in a ceiling height fixture and have high ceilings, you probably won't notice it. Mine works great as a front porch light, which I don't mind leaving on due to the energy savings.




Pros: Sexy design, Bright

Cons: Hums, leaves shadows, expensive

Bought a few of these lamps- very expensive. I love the design, but the second I turned it on I wasn't impressed. The LEDs are spotty and directional leaving shadows on the sides and below the lamp. It was humming and I didn't have it on a dimmer. If you look at the lamp from above it is bright, so the only place I could put them was in a ceiling fan where the lamps face down. Again, great design, just not ready for a direct A19 replacement in most applications.
C. Crane GeoBulb LED Light Bulb

From the C. Crane website: The GeoBulb Light Bulb is going to change the way we light our homes and businesses. Unlike any light bulb you’ve ever seen before, the GeoBulb uses less than 8 Watts of power to put out as much light as most 60-Watt incandescent light bulbs. Because it’s so bright, you can use it just about anywhere you currently use a standard, screw-in 60-Watt bulb. You can install a GeoBulb to bring energy efficient lighting to a foyer, open ceiling cans, table lamps, you name it. The GeoBulb gives off very little heat and turns on instantly. And once you install a GeoBulb, you won’t have to even think about changing it for over 30,000 hours. In practical terms, that 30,000-hour life span averages out to 7 years if the bulb is on 12 hours per day. Unlike compact fluorescent light bulbs, the GeoBulb has no mercury, turns on instantly, creates no humming sound, and can be used in colder temperatures. Every part of the GeoBulb is built for maximum longevity. The GeoBulb is available in three color temperatures – Cool Daylight, Warm White and Soft White, and is backed by a three-year warranty.

Energy Star Qualification
Additional Features3 year warranty
Wattage8 W
Average Life Hours30,000
Incandescent Wattage Equivalent60 W
Bulb ShapeA19
Base TypeE26 (medium Edison base)
Available Color TemperatureCool White ~5000K, Soft White 3800K, Warm White 2800K
Release Date6/30/2008
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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