Burt's Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Creme Reviews


Wouldn't buy again

It's been about 6 months since I last used this, so I can't tell you all the specifics. But I have a strong memory of disliking this hand creme, possibly due to the smell, and possibly related to the texture of it. I think it worked ok, but if you are thinking about buying this, I would find a store that lets you sample some first to check the smell and consistency...

Definitely not my favorite...


Cons: Thick consistency, separates after a while

I bought this cream a while back...several years back in fact.  But it's probably not a good sign that I didn't buy it again (although perhaps they've changed their recipe). In any case, this cream was kind of weird.  It was really thick and seemed to just create a coat on my skin that never really absorbed completely.  Sure, it was very moisturizing...but...it was rather unpleasant feeling.  I would only ever put it on at night because if it was on during the day time, well...I'd feel it more.  I also didn't use it very quickly (again, I think perhaps that was a result of not liking it much) and it ended up separating.  One day I went back to use some of it (as I don't like wasting...
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