Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer Reviews

Good "Lipstick" type coverage


Pros: Minty, has good color coverage, small...easy to stick in pocket

I have about 5 different colors and I love them all.  They claim to be sheer but really, they have pretty good pigment coverage, so they are closer to a lipstick.  The pepermint oil provides a tingly, cool feeling on your lips which smells and tastes great too.  They are great alone or mixed together for your own custom color.  They are also great under the Burt's Bees Super Shiney Lip Gloss.

Shimmer me lippers! Burt's Bees is best!


Pros: color tint is just right, leaves lips smooth, not waxy

Love the Lip Shimmer! Glides on smooth and silky, never waxy. Soothes chapped lips and provides just the right amount of color for this careergirl. Small and slim, the tube is just the right size to stash any where. Best of Burt's products!

Good but inaccurate color

When I got this I was really excited since I really like Burt's Bees lip balm. I bought it from a place that did not have testers so I went with the color that the cap hat and the name of the color, which was "coffee". Unfortunately the color was actually orange and did not look good on me. So I gave this away. Having said that, it is a good lip shimmer. It is not sheer and it lasts long. It also causes this tingling sensation from the peppermint that might freak some people out. I might get another one in the future, if I can actually see the color on my skin before buying.

This lip shimmer works!


Pros: Nice colors, Stays on for a looooong time, Lasts forever!

Cons: Stings a little when you put it on (I think because of the peppermint oil)

This lip gloss is very nice and user-friendly. Its the same length as the average cell phone, lasts for a VERY long time (I've had one for a year and a half and its still really full even after using it often). It stings a little on occasion.