Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub


Pros: exfoliates gently (so long as you aren't sensitive to cloves)

Cons: needs to be used with cleanser + toner + moisturizer; doesn't smell great

This is a good exfoliating option if you have (1) super-sensitive skin and (2) actually do cleanse + exfoliate + tone + moisturize. This is NOT a quickie skin treatment for the days when you're just trying to get out the door.

A couple of tips.

Tip 1: use this in the shower, after your cleanser. It's a dry scrub, and it needs to be mixed with lots of water to be effective at all. Don't try to skip the cleanser or your face won't feel clean--this product is for exfoliating, not for cleansing.

Tip 2: don't skip the toner after use. The product leaves a strange residue that I find distinctly unpleasant, unless I freshen my skin up with a toner afterwards. Without the toner, it feels like my skin is asphyxiating. After the toner, though, I can tell that it's done a good job exfoliating.

Tip 3: obviously, if you're going to tone, you need to moisturize. Otherwise your skin will die of dehydration.

I don't really LIKE this product. It smells kind of weird (it does NOT smell "fresh," which is what I expect from a "citrus" product), and it's a pain to use. Nevertheless, I use it when I'm doing a full regime, because I have had a hard time finding other effective exfoliating options for my super-sensitive face.


Pros: Small package, works great

Cons: dry

I like this product. It does need a lot of water added to make the scrub but that decreases the package size so worth to trade off.
I didn't notice the "oily" film that others mentioned. I have normal skin type.


Pros: smell

Cons: consistency

I am a bit on the verge with this one. I love the smell and the fact that it is natural but it is kind of a pain to use. It is very thick and you need to mix it with water to make a smoother paste in your hand and then use it. And even then it will be hard to apply and most of it will end up on the bathtub floor! I think it does a good job though, but leaves a distinctive oiliness, so I have to follow with a toner to remove the oil. I have had mine for years and use it only occasionally because it is so messy.


Pros: Love the Scent

Cons: Sold out to Clorox

I absolutely love this scrub and it is the one Burt's Bee's product that I have had to cave in and buy since they sold to Clorox just because I haven't found another as good. It's got a great texture and a great smell to it....kind of like rubbing fresh fruit and cinnamon all over your face! I love the way my skin feels afterward and I find that it helps clear up small blemishes faster than just using a cleanser.

Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub

99.94% Natural. Uncover a pristine complexion with Citrus Facial Scrub. This blend of almonds, orange peel, and rose petals gently exfoliates and leaves skin clean and clear. 99.4% natural. Our skin care products are made with fresh herbs, botanical oils and natural preservatives. Our natural facial scrub will leave your skin fresh & dewy as it exfoliates dead skin cells. Gentle enough for daily use. Printed on recycled board containing 30% post-consumer waste. Not tested on animals.

Size2 oz
Additional Features
TypeFacial scrub or exfoliant
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