Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm Reviews

Positive Reviews


Love It

I really love this lip balm. Before I started using it I was using Blistex Medicated. I liked the medicinal feel of the Blistex. However, I was always have to reappy it, and it really didn't make my lips feel healthy. The Burt's Bees lip balm is wonderful. It doesn't have a medicinal feel. Instead, it is soothing, provides the necessary moisture needed, and makes my lips feel healthier. I am in love with this product now. I plan on buying many more to keep around the house so I don't have to use the regular lip balms anymore.

Lip balm junkie highly recommends it


Pros: natural, works great, taste

Cons: none

I admit it. I am a lip balm junkie. I cannot live without one and I use it several times a day. I have tried a ridiculous amount of lip balms and this one might be the best of the lot. It's not greasy, does a great job and I love the tingling sensation! Of course if you hate peppermint, stay away from it!



Pros: The best lip balm I've ever used

Cons: It's relatively pricey

Okay, this is the absolute best lip balm on the market. Bar none. I've literally tried every single brand (from the traditional Chapstick to Carmex to fancy lip balms in tins), and this is the best. It's just the right amount of mintiness, really stays on the lips to keep them moist, and lasts forever. I always have at least two tubes that I switch among my purses. I literally don't go anywhere without it. It only gets four stars for value just because it is pretty expensive, but it's worth it -- I love this product.

Negative Reviews


Owned by Clorox (http://bit.ly/fCah43)


Cons: Everything

Most people seem to be under the impression that Burt's Bees is owned by Burt & everything is natural & wonderful. Fact: In 2004, Burt's Bees Roxanne Quimby sold 80% of the company for $173 million dollars. In 2007, it was sold to Clorox for $925 million. Look at the Burt's Bees website (http://bit.ly/glXRUc) and it's made to look like Burt & Roxanne still make the products out in the woods somewhere! Totally unethical & immoral, IMO! (BTW, the ingredients are nothing like they were originally. There is very little beeswax now, with lanolin (an animal product), and canola & other oils taking up the slack.) The company should be boycotted for misleading & false...
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Pros: heals well

Cons: white stuff and it is too strong

um it was okay, but i think its a little too strong and also it makes my lips peel on the outside, duck duck duck :P

Poor bees didn't quite do it...


Pros: smells good

Cons: doesn't glide, excessive packaging

I really want to like this lip balm - it has a great scent/flavor and it's made by a reputable company (though now owned by -- eek!). It doesn't seem to work that well - it has to be really warm for it to glide and it doesn't really moisturize - it just kind of sits there. Perhaps it works as a barrier in extreme cold or wet conditions -- but for general day to day lip softening, I'll stick with cacao butter, coconut butter and olive oil.

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Cool natural lip balm


Pros: ...easy to use - it's lip balm...

Cons: Kinda pricey, melts in cars - like other lip balms...

We have been pretty much exclusively using Burt's Bees lip balm for a while now. Is more expensive than "Chap Stick", and melts in cars just the same... so be cautious with that. Anyway, whole family likes it and we've spread the word and friends like it also :-) There are different kinds of balm by Burt's Bees - the lifeguard kind is kinda white on your lips. They are all great!

The plain is a good lip balm


Pros: Natural, smells good, works well

Cons: The flavored lip balms are more questionable, peppermint oil makes it burn a little

I try to use natural products on my body because your skin absorbs so much of what you put onto it. I like that this is a natural product, it smells nice, and it works well. I have the lip balm in the tin right now (see note below), and the peppermint burns a little. I don't remember if that was an issue with the stick version. NOTE I- Read the ingredients! I looked at a few of the different lip balms, and I personally would only want to buy the plain types. The honey one has "flavor" in it, the pomegranate one has "fragrance" and carmine (which comes from boiling a certain type of insect)- so it is not vegetarian. NOTE II- It's a much better deal to...
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One of the Best!


Pros: Works like a charm

Cons: Sold out to Clorox

I love Burt's Bee's products all around, but I know this one works well! I also have lip balms in abundance, in the car, 3 in my purse (for variety...gotta have it) and 1 in the bedroom for those luscious lip locks! I find Burt's Bee's Lip Balm is not greasy, it absorbs well and protects your lips for quite a while until you need to re-apply. I love it and use it often! Although I have found alternative products to use since Burt's Bee's sold out to Clorox I would still recommend it if your lips are in some serious need of natural moisture.

Solid beeswax balm


Pros: Goes on smooth, puts up a good barrier between your lips and the elements

Cons: If you get the tin and you leave it in your car, it gets melted and the tin is hard to open

For a good while, I had one in pretty much every bag. And one in my car too. If you leave one in your car, I would recommend the tube though because I've ended up with tins I can't open. Whoops. That's really my fault I guess... But I digress. My little sister has tried the honey kind but it's a little too sweet for me (and I think the bottom of it gets pretty sugary). But the straight up beeswax is a good option. For every day use (and when skiing), I'm a fan.  It's a little waxier than the Dr. Bronner's lip balm or the Pangea lip balm, so I've been gravitating towards those lately, but I certainly don't complain when I end up with only Burt's available.

Just try it for yourself!


Pros: Its amazing!!


Ok my friend had it and i asked to use it and i fell in love! The next time i went to the store i bought it.. i love it i got all the flavors and they all work great!! However the honey one does not smell all that great.. however it still works GREAT!! Now i read on here that someone thinks it didn't go on very easy, uh yeah i dont know what they were useing but that has Never  been a  promblem for me at all, and i am extremly picky trust me!! BUY IT! you will fall in LOVE!!! :)



Pros: cheap

Cons: so waxy

For me I am just not a fan.  wax is used to retain moisture, when my lips are dry i turn to a lip balm, and this doesn't moisturize it just puts a waxy film on my lips.  their pomegranate one is better.  But I have other faves that use other oils and a little beeswax

Works great!


Pros: feels great going on, relieves chapped lips

Cons: must be reapplied often

This is the only lip balm that works for me. I have chapped lips all winter long, and I don't go anywhere without it. The peppermint tingle is fantastic -- it just feels great when you put it on. I do have to apply it often throughout the day when the chapping is really bad; but when I leave it on overnight, the chapped lips are gone in the morning. Love it.

Big fan of the Pomegranate


Pros: Only Lip Balm that seems to work for me

Cons: Hard to find the pomegranate lip balm

 Most people don't think about lip care until they have dry, cracked lips.  Unfortunately, that was me when I first moved into the dry climate of Colorado.  I tried several different brands of chap sticks and lip balms and found myself applying them way too much.  That's when a co-worker turned me on to the Burt's Bee Lip Balm.  Finally, a product that I apply three times a day and provides me with hours of protection.  Now, if only they could come up with a chocolate lip balm . . . 

My favorite! (and it doesn't contain sheep fat)


Pros: Feels great, smooth, but not greasy

Cons: My 5 year old steals mine

I love Burt's Lip Balm. I don't love that it's no longer owned by Burt, but the product, to me, doesn't see to have changed. It's smooth, mild and it smells good. BTW Lanolin is not sheep fat, but "wool fat" or grease that comes from the wool of sheep and is squeezed out once the wool is sheared.