Burt's Bees Baby Bee Skin Creme Reviews

Positive Reviews


Like this cream


Pros: Protects skin, nice scent, stays on skin well

Cons: Price, not best for diaper area

 I didn't really use this much for diaper area.  I found zinc oxide based creams better.  I did and still use this in the winter to protect my daughters delicate skin from the extreme cold and dry air.  I kept a jar of it at my daughter's preschool.  Her face gets chapped quickly here during Wisconsin winters.  It really helped and stays put on the face.  I also like the scent as does she.  I'm not the biggest Burt's Bees person.  I think they use some suspect ingredients at time like sodium laurel sulfate, but I do like this product.  I know, it is pricey. 

Negative Reviews


Not impressed


Pros: works?

Cons: too expensive

I was really not impressed for the price of this how it worked, it worked, but no better or worse then much, mcuh cheaper options. The cost is not worth it to me personally