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Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash Reviews

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Disappointed by New formula


Cons: No longer tear free, little lather

My daughter has cried every time I've used the new product when rinsing from her hair/face. The new formula is a disappointment, and sadly, I will stop using this product. 

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Good baby wash


Pros: Smells good, gets baby nice and clean, natural

Cons: Is not tear free

I really love burts bees and this shampoo and body wash is great. It smells so good and it is gentle on baby's and kids skin. Adults can use it as well.

great product

We were given this as a gift and I absolutely loved the scent. The product works great. I would definitely suggest this product.


This was the first baby wash I purchased when switching to natural. At first I must admit I didn't like the smell, at all, I was sad that my baby wouldn't smell like the baby wash and shampoos I was used to! But after using it for a while, I LOVE it now. I love the smell, and I love how it works, and I love that it's better for my baby :)

Good Ole Faithful Bee's


Pros: Smells Lovely, Can be used Sparingly, Gentle

Cons: Not the Best Choice for Ingredients, Affiliated with Clorox

I picked this up when I ran out of our go to brand on a recommendation of my sister-in-law.  I was satisfied as I usually am with Burt's Bee's products and my son especially liked the smell.  I still use baby washes and shampoo's for him even though he is already 6 because he has a shaved head and I am always worried about urinary infections when using products in the bath.  I enjoy my regular brand more so I would not purchase again and their ingredients tend to be less than the I am still not sold on the whole Clorox affiliation.

again, I love burt's bees

I have said before, I really like Burt's Bees products.  This wash lathers well and smells good.  I've heard some complain of dry hair, but I have 2 boys and their hair gets cut often, so I haven't noticed it.  No complaints from me other than price.  As for the company, I couldn't give them a high eco-score because Burt's Bees is now owned by Clorox...and they are still a long way from high on the eco-friendly totem pole.

A good shampoo


Pros: Lasts a long time, smells great

Cons: Gets a slightly low rating on the Skin Deep Database

I got a sample kit of Burts Bees baby products for my baby shower.  I've always loved Burts Bee's adult products, and I loved their baby products too.  They smelled fantastic, and the fragrences didn't bother me or my son (I am very sensitive to fragrences).  They didn't linger too long either, nor did they smell too flowery (so no one in my family could claim my son smelled like a girl).  The sample pack lasted a suprisingly long time, until he was almost 7 months old.  A little bit goes a long way.  I did not buy more Burts Bees because they weren't given very good reviews on the Skin Deep Database.  They weren't bad reviews (like conventional baby products), but there were brands out...
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Yummy Yummy!


Pros: lots of bubbles

Cons: little pricey, but worth it

When I use Burt's bees shampoo and wash, all I want to do afterwords is justsnuggle my babies!! It smells soo good and really lathers up awesomely.I don't have to worry it being toxic to them or stinging their eyes either.I have tried tons of soaps over the years and after trying this one, I will never change again.

Great Product!


Pros: Smells wonderful, Gentle on baby's skin

This is another great product from Burt's Bees.  It smells wonderful and it's gentel on my baby's skin & hair.  It does not cause the dry static effect like some of the other baby shampoos.

Gee, Your Baby Smells Terrific


Pros: Gentle, no tears, smells great

Cons: Costly

 This is the most gentle baby shampoo I've found to date, and I love the way it lathers. Baby doesn't cry if soap gets in his eyes. And Baby smells lovely after his bath!

Love it!


Pros: Great scent, great lather, even my kids love it!

Cons: not all organic

I've been using this since my 2 year old was born and LOVE IT, just wish it wasn't so pricey, we love all the Burt's Bees products!
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