Burt's Bees Baby Bee Bubble Bath Reviews

Positive Reviews

Love it


Pros: safe for kids, smells good

Cons: expensive

I wouldn't let my kids take bubble baths until they came out with this bubble bath.  I love it.  I have 3 boys, and they love baths!  Because of the price, I don't let them use it every time (we're on a pretty tight budget).  They love it.  I feel comfortable letting them use it.  I was scared of the standard bubble bath.  It's smells wonderful, and it's entertaining for the boys.

Negative Reviews


irritated skin


Pros: smelled nice

Cons: irritated my son's skin

I loved the smell of this, but I think something in the 'fragrance' must have been bad for skin because it really irritated my son's skin. My son has ezcema so it's probably fine for others.

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Great bubble bath


Pros: smells terrific

Cons: questionable "fragrance"

Let me just say that I LOVE Burt's Bees as a rule.  I do however have some question as to what exactly is in the "fragrance" of this product.  Specifically if it contains phthalates, as many other fragrances do.  I have other Burt's Bees products that contain that very unspecific fragrance ingredient and also specifically state "no phthalates" on the label.  Does that mean that this does contain phthalates, or just that they didn't call it out on the label that it doesn't?  Something I want to know the answer to before I use up the rest of my bottle...

Baby Bee From Burt



Cons: price for a growing family in this ecconomy

I read from someone else reviewing a Burts product that they assumed some times 'suspect' ingredients are used.Not!These products are CERTIFIED NATURAL, better then cert organic! Cert Nat must be 95% natural and come from renewable resources, Cert Org, only has to be 70% cert organic ingredients and the rest can be from anywhere and from anything. At least Burt is not taking down the last tree in the rain forest for inredients and is 95% natural, average actually from my calculations across the range is 99% . I also read another reviewer said she uses zinc oxide instead of Burts diaper ointment.Get thee to a dictionary. Not a very good thing to be putting on your bub.Are you aware that...
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Fun & Safe bath


Pros: bubbles nicely, smells heavenly!

My 11 mo old love this! It is one of the few safe bubble bath products out there. It smells so good. And, I have no worries about allowing him to soak in it.

Great Bubble Bath


Pros: It is great for kids and has no harmful chemicals!

My son loves bubble baths and this product is wonderful! I love it because it has no harmful chemicals but he is still able to enjoy his bubble bath. I highly recommend this product!