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BumbleBar Organic Snack Bar


Pros: Organic, vegan, gluten-free, tasty, lightweight (to carry)

Cons: Not exactly low-cal or low-fat

I had BumbleBars for the first time at the 2007 SF Green Festival.  And you know...they weren't bad.  In fact, they were pretty good.  And of all the various delightful things at the Festival, one of the only things I bought was a pack of BumbleBars (a box of 15 cost $26).


They're quite a nice change from your standard granola bar.  They're on the thin side, so they're not super filling (for better or worse) and they're easy to carry around.  I think across the board one of the primary ingredients is sesame seeds, so if you don't like those, don't eat these.  In terms of flavor, I've had the original, chai, original with hazelnut, lemon, tropical, and cherry chocolate.  I think of all those, my least favorites are the chai and tropical.  They're rather on the sweet side....a little too sweet for me.


I did just refresh my memory on the cherry chocolate kind (about five minutes ago) and it quite surprised me.  I was expecting it to be (also) too sweet for me, but it really wasn't.  For something chocolately flavor, it wasn't over done and the cherries gave it a nice tartness.


And yes, BumbleBars are a bit like birdseed (which never occured to me until Deej pointed it out).  But mostly...they just look a little like birdseed.  They taste a lot better.


In terms of value...they're not horribly expensive (although they may be if you buy them one at a time) but you might expect a little more sticking to your ribs for $1.75.  In terms of a snack, they're great.  In terms of a meal replacement...not so much.


Pros: large variety of flavors, good for you

Cons: tends to get stuck in your teeth

I first was exposed to this snack  bar when I went to the SF Green Festival for the first time in 2007.  It was fun to taste all the different types of bars.  I had some favorites right away.  In some ways, the basic honey and sesame seed combination is the most pleasing to me.  There are some really exotic flavors that have tropical fruits, chocolate, apricots and more.  As a treat, they are quite nice.  It is a nice option for dessert when a person is trying to cut back on more processed kinds of desserts.  It is also a great bar to take on a hike or for a little quick nutrition.  The Bumble Bar would probably not give you much to go on as a "meal replacement" bar.  Some of the more basic flavors have been big hits with the young students who attend my Palo Atlo preschool

BumbleBar Organic Snack Bar

BumbleBars are Delicious, Nutritious, Ethically Sourced, Kid Approved, Vegan Approved, Gluten Free, Organic Energy Snack Bars Available in: Original Flavor Lushus Lemon Chocolate Crisp Chai with Almonds Original with Cashew Original with Mixed Nuts Original with Hazelnut NEW - Awesome Apricot NEW - Chunky Cherry NEW - Tasty Tropical NEW - Cherry Chocolate

Additional Features
TypeGranola bar or snack bar
Release Date
Ingredients(All ingredients are gluten-free) Organic sesame seeds, Organic brown rice syrup, Organic evaporated cane juice, Organic peanuts, Organic flax seeds , Organic vanilla extract, Organic cinnamon, Sea salt, Natural Vitamin E for freshness Processing agents: Organic sunflower and/or safflower oil
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