Brondell Swash 800 Bidet Seat Reviews


Horizontal Smile - The Crapper for You!


Pros: blasts water up your butt (and doesn't complain about it!)

Cons: you still have to keep your day job

my doctor said after my wild youth that my experience on the jon was karma's rightful punishment, but thanks to the bidet 800, my time on the throne is a downright ball!  now in my life i've done laid an egg in a variety of places--some of the best, and the worst.  now after what i've been through--and trust me, there's been a lot--the bidet 800 is like a breath of fresh air.  ...and water.  kind of in a good way, like a gasping-choking-almost-gonna-pass-out-but-liking-it kind of rodeo.  if you've never had an assertive jet stream of water blast you straight up the wazoo, you are in for a treat!  every time i have house guests over, i always make them try it out.  in fact often i get in a...
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