Bright Green Paper Towels Reviews

Positive Reviews


If you're gonna use paper towels... try these!


Pros: 100% recycled content, work great.

Cons: ...we could all probably use less paper towels.

This product line is available at Pavilions (aka: Vons, Safeway) and from what the web info states, is a product that has some real green effort behind it.  It is distributed by Lucerne North America, LLC. (as most/all organic or green products at this store are). They seem to work as good as any other typical paper towel - and are "whitened without elemental chlorine", per the website.  We try to use as few as possible, but when we do need them these seem to be a reasonable option.

Negative Reviews


Don't buy these towels


Pros: Recycled

Cons: Too weak to work as a paper towel, falls apart when wet

I use other Bright Green products and have been happy with them, but these towels are awful.  They are too thin and weak to work as a paper towel.  More than half the time you can't tear off a sheet without it ripping to shreds in your hand.  And the second they get any water on them they disintegrate.  Do not buy these.   Note that I have used Bright Green toilet paper, facial tissues and napkins exclusively for over a year.  I am perfectly happy with those and recommend all of them.  But these paper towels are not good.  I fear that many people would try these first as a test of recycled products and never use any other recycled paper product again.  I plan to write to the...
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Not worth buying


Pros: They're recycled

Cons: You have to be very careful to successfully tear off a towel at the perforation.

I have to be very careful, using both hands, to successfully separate a single towel from the roll along the perforated line. If I try to pull off a towel with one hand, it will invariably tear diagonally across the towel - giving me a fragment of a towel. If I want a full towel, I have to try again. In the end I use more towels than I intended. Environmental paper products have had this problem for 30 years - manufacturers taking advantage of environmentally responsible consumers - producing substandard products that people will buy just because it's made of recycled materials. This was indeed the first of Bright Green's products I have tried. I will not be trying any of their other...
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