Bright Green Bathroom Tissue Reviews


Good green alternative


Pros: Strong and soft enough for regular use

Cons: A bit more expensive

I have been using Bright Green bathroom tissue exclusively for over a year.  I buy it at Safeway.  It is soft and strong enough for regular use.  Wish it came in larger packs and was a bit cheaper.  I live alone and don't use that much, but a family would go through a lot more and want larger (and cheaper) packages.   I also use Bright Green facial tissue and napkins and those are great too.  But I advise people to avoid the Bright Green paper towel - it falls apart when wet or dry!

Comfortable and soft... finally!


Pros: A recycled content bathroom tissue that is soft!

Cons: ...none so far.

We have been using this tissue for a few weeks and quite frankly the wife and kids had no idea it was from 100% recycled content at all - it is quite soft and feels like any other type of bathroom tissue.  This would be an easy product for a typical family to convert over to from non-recycled products.  It is even septic safe.  It is easily available at a common grocer - Pavilions (aka: Vons, Safeway), so no special trips to eco-stores in limited locations.