Bossa Nova Superfruit Acai Juice Reviews


I love me some Bossa Nova


Pros: Delicious (for the most part)

Cons: Expensive, some flavors are a teensy bit sweet

I really like Bossa Nova Acai Juice a lot.  It's probably my favorite acai juice actually....I like Sambazon a lot too, but it's much more of a smoothie type juice.  Bossa Nova is thinner.  They have it in all sorts of flavors, and I haven't had them all.  But the original, passionfruit, and mango are all great.  I'm a little less keen on the raspberry kind (a tad too sweet for me), but on the whole, they're great to drink straight or mix with some VeeV for a nice acai cocktail.  The only thing is...they recently moved from bottling their juice in glass bottles to PET bottles.  I haven't had enough of the ones in PET to verify this, but the woman who checked me out at the store said folks...
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