Bonterra Wine


It was a hot day, perhaps my review is inflated as a result of being refreshed in the sweltering heat; but I found the Bonterra sauvingnon blanc to be crisp and refreshing. The great sacrifice by the grape growers and wine producers did not result in a sacrifice in taste.


Pros: Organic, easy to drink

Cons: Not very interesting

I've had a few Bonterra wines, and I keep hoping one of them will change my mind.  A while back, I had one of their white wines and wasn't a huge fan.  But recently I thought I'd give their cabernet a try. fell pretty flat.  Literally flat.  It was a perfectly decent table wine.  Very easy to drink.  It just wasn't very interesting at all.  Some might call it bland, in fact.  It was just rather...monotone.  And boring.  It kind of reminded me of 2-buck chuck...except it cost $15.  For that much, I definitely expect a little bit more.  I certainly wouldn't refuse a glass if offered one (assuming that was the only choice).  But I don't think I'll be getting Bonterra again any time soon.

Bonterra Wine

Bonterra is committed to creating world-class wines that are a direct reflection of the organic vineyards in which they grow. Each varietal is a unique, individual expression of organically grown fruit and the winemaker's art. Ultimately, Bonterra's philosophy must be measured by the results—the quality of our wines. Growing acclaim from wine writers and connoisseurs tells us that our commitment has been recognized and rewarded. Wines from Bonterra: 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 Chardonnay 2005 Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc 2004 Merlot 2005 Muscat 2005 Roussanne 2007 Sauvignon Blanc 2006 Sauvignon Blanc 2004 Shiraz-Carignane 2004 Syrah 2005 Viognier 2006 Zinfandel 2005 Zinfandel

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