Boho Magazine Reviews


boho magazine - promoting green beauty and know-how inside and out.


Pros: Eco-friendly topics, 100% recycled, non-toxic inks, cool green beauty and fashion tips.

Cons: If you're already big into green products, there's going to be a lot you've seen before.

It's recycled!: This magazine is 100% recycled, printed with safe inks and there are zero subscribe cards. Because of the recycled paper the feel of this magazine is substantial, not slick, and pages don't flap around as you read.The look: Great imagery in this magazine. The models were beautiful, but this magazine also featured real-life women as well in features and news. Younger and older women will like this magazine.   Green values: The magazine promoted having cool gear, cosmetics, and clothing and wants you to glam up but in sustainable ways. I thought this magazine was a perfect combination of having nice things, but not too many and making sure they're earth-friendly.  There were...
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