Black & Decker Grass Hog Electric String Trimmer and Edger Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great string trimmer


Pros: The auto feeding head is great!

Cons: None so far

I have had a BUNCH of string timmers and I always have problems putting in more string...or getting the string to come out. I frequently had to take the head apart and pull the string out manually. But not with this string trimmer! It works great. I really like the wire guide for edging! I have no complaints with this string trimmer!

Just fine


Pros: Affordable, lightweight and quality

Cons: Have not came across none yet

This Black & Decker 14" Grasshog is a great tool for the do it yourself person, with ease of use and is also affordable, just plain and simple and it gets the job done, it is also lightweight for less back pain.

Negative Reviews


Black & Decker Grass Hog - Hope for better luck than me


Pros: Light, Quite, Powerful, No Gas, Doesn't get hot

Cons: Broke

I hate grass. Most of my yard is vine and ground cover. Mowing would just screw things up, so I use a trimmer to bet rid of the tall stuff and encourage the ground cover I like. The Grass Hog was great for the first year. It's light and powerful. I love how it doesn't get hot like gas trimmers do. Obviously, it starts the first time, even at the beginning of the summer. There was a safety recall on my model, which isn't an issue on new models. I would write nothing but glowing reviews except the motor tore up the belt, making my trimmer totally useless. This damage happened about a year after purchase. It is still under warranty, but the warranty centers are all...
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warranty not worth paper written on


Pros: so called warranty

Cons: product faulty from construction

The black and Decker Tring Trimmer runs hot on the engine and has plastic parts next to it melting after 10 - 15 min use. My String Cutter was first after 1 week for warranty-repair, came back after 3 weeks, 10 days later same, not back after 3 month. now they offered me new tool , but without warranty!!!!!!, because they cant fix the problem.  Black and Decker? never agin, its a joke by quality and service.

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Good edger

It is kinda small for my yard (over an acre) but it works well. I have not had to replace the string yet so I can't tell you about that. It is light weight and easy to use. It will take down very tough weeds and tall grasses but you can only swing it a few feet in each direction and it has to be pointed straight down for good coverage (You can't hold it on any kind of angle or it won't work well).