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Black&Decker 19" Cordless Lawn Mower


Pros: Powers thru tall grass very well

Cons: Long charge times

This is a great push mower. Our grass was 2 to 3 ft tall this first mowing, We had not had a working Lawn Mower before this arrived. Our lot has about 1/5 Acre of grass coverage, so I was planning on splitting the lawn in half and cutting it over the course of 2 days. Even with our grass being as tall and thick as it was I only had to break the lawn into 3 parts. Over all this mower did very well, it did not bog down any more than a gas powered mower even in the thickest parts of our lawn.


Pros: Great Service

I purchased the 1000 model in 2000.  It stopped working 8 years later.  We took it in to the authorized service center and they overhauled it for free.  There had been a recall on that model.  They installed a new charger and a new deck and effectively upgraded it to the 1200 model.  I bought new batteries (recycling the old ones) and a new blade and it now runs like new.  


Electric mowers are nice, no gas, no oil, no maintenance, quieter, cleaner... They are great.


Pros: very easy to start

Cons: must hold handle/trigger "on"

This was rated highly by Consumer Reports, and so far we have found it to be "as advertised."  The hardest part was getting it out of the car, since it's very heavy in the box.  But then just plug it in, charge it up, and go!  It couldn't be easier to start - just squeeze the trigger/pull the handle.  Because of minor vibrations, that can get a bit tiring on the hand after a while - thinking of wearing gloves next time.  But overall, no problems.  It only takes us 15-20 minutes to mow the front yard, then take a Gatorade break, and finish the backyard in another 15-20 minutes.  The mowing deck is smaller than on most gas-powered models (19 inches wide) but think of the calories you burn with that extra pass or two across the lawn! 


The mower works well enough. For our 1/2 acre lawn it can sometimes run out of juice before we're done, but if we don't let the grass get too long, it's generally not a problem. We just finish off the lawn the next day or so if it runs out. It does a good enough cut, either way.


Pros: No cord!

Cons: Short battery life

This mower works as advertised. If your lawn is small (like mine), you'll be able to bag (and compost) or mulch to your heart's content. The battery works great, because I'm not dragging a cord around the lawn. But, I'd be wary of the short battery life if I had a large lawn.

And, of course, the greenest of all lawn mowers is a traditional reel mower.

(Note: I purchased this mower refurbished from a Black & Decker outlet.)

Black&Decker 19" Cordless Lawn Mower

24V Cordless Mulching Mower Model # CMM1200 Energy Star ** 24 Volt Sealed Lead Acid Battery for Trouble-Free Cutting of Up to 1/3 Acre Homesites (grass conditions will effect run-time) ** Rechargeable Battery Recharges to 60-70% in 4 Hours and to 100% in 10 Hours ** LIFETIME 19" Mower Deck - Mulch Plate and Bag Included; Deck Has Lifetime Warranty ** No Gas, Oil or Tune-ups So No Trips to the Service Station or Gasoline to Store.

Additional FeaturesMulching
Recharge Time4 - 10Hr
Motor24 Volt
Release Date
Battery Type24 Volt, 17-amp hour, sealed lead/acid type deep discharge battery
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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