Black&Decker 18V 12" Cordless Grasshog Trimmer/Edger Reviews


Even if you're using it to really whack some weeds, it does the job


Pros: Not too heavy, comes with two batteries, easy to use, works to trim grass and whack serious weeds

Cons: Battery only lasts about 30 minutes for major weed/grass cutting

So in full disclosure, I don't have tons of experience in the string timmer/weed whacker area.  I do know that my family has had a gasoline weed whacker up at our cabin.  The problem was...we'd need to cut back the weeds for fire protection every summer.  But we could never get the darn thing to work.  And a tool does very little good when you can't work it (plus it was really too heavy for my mom or me to use it). In comes the Black & Decker Grasshog Trimmer.  First of all, it's electric.  So you don't have to worry about spilling gas any where.  It's really easy to use.  Just charge the battery.  Pop it in.  Click the safety switch.  Click the on switch.  And you're chopping down...
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Instructions need secret decoder...


Pros: Looks good and should work great

Cons: Assembly intructions leave ALOT to be prepared!

Well i can't review the product's functionality as yet because i haven't used it, but the Black and Decker Co. sure could help the consumer by adding some words, better explanations, and diagrams to their assembly instructions.  I have assembled toys for my kids, tools, and appliances for 35 years and have NEVER seen a more confounding set of instructions. Nothing they show in the cryptic instructions make ANY sense.  Ridiculous to pay $100 + for a tool (including tax and service plan) and then have to struggle to assemble it! Ahhh...outsourcing.