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Black&Decker 18V 12" Cordless Grasshog Trimmer/Edger

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Pros: Not too heavy, comes with two batteries, easy to use, works to trim grass and whack serious weeds

Cons: Battery only lasts about 30 minutes for major weed/grass cutting

So in full disclosure, I don't have tons of experience in the string timmer/weed whacker area.  I do know that my family has had a gasoline weed whacker up at our cabin.  The problem was...we'd need to cut back the weeds for fire protection every summer.  But we could never get the darn thing to work.  And a tool does very little good when you can't work it (plus it was really too heavy for my mom or me to use it).


In comes the Black & Decker Grasshog Trimmer.  First of all, it's electric.  So you don't have to worry about spilling gas any where.  It's really easy to use.  Just charge the battery.  Pop it in.  Click the safety switch.  Click the on switch.  And you're chopping down some weeds!  It's not too heavy so the weed whacking responsibilities can be shared. 


When the battery is fully charged, it does a GREAT job.  It's speedy, can cut the weeds down pretty low, keeps the grass from whacking in your face too much because it's got a safety guard (but you should still wear eye glasses).  When the battery is fully's awesome.  And it turns on in an instant, so you don't have to struggle with it at all.


The only problem is when the battery starts fading.  The manual says that the battery lasts something like 3 or more hours.  I was only able to get about 25-30 minutes worth of serious weed whacking done before the battery got too low.  When it gets to a certain point, the string isn't going fast enough to cut the just sort of flattens it.


If the battery lasted a little longer, I'd give it more than 4 stars.  Everything else is great.  And it'd probably last longer if you're just trimming the edges of your lawn.  But...if you're using it more like a lawn mower replacement, just know you'll be taking good long breaks in between your whacking.  Other than that, I definitely recommend it.


Pros: Looks good and should work great

Cons: Assembly intructions leave ALOT to be prepared!

Well i can't review the product's functionality as yet because i haven't used it, but the Black and Decker Co. sure could help the consumer by adding some words, better explanations, and diagrams to their assembly instructions.  I have assembled toys for my kids, tools, and appliances for 35 years and have NEVER seen a more confounding set of instructions. Nothing they show in the cryptic instructions make ANY sense.  Ridiculous to pay $100 + for a tool (including tax and service plan) and then have to struggle to assemble it! Ahhh...outsourcing.
Black&Decker 18V 12" Cordless Grasshog Trimmer/Edger
Description: Product Description Able to transition from trimming to edging work with a touch of a button, this 12-inch electric two-in-one yard tool from Black & Decker trims areas after mowing on most 1/3 acre homesites, and edges along garden borders and sidewalks. Powered by two 18-volt NiCad battery packs for longlasting strength and quality performance, the NST2018 is both lightweight and efficient. An AFS system utilizes centrifugal force to instantly advance the line when needed, making this tool easy to operate. Additionally, it cuts more area per charge than any other cordless trimmer currently on the market. As comfortable as it is reliable, the NST2018's head rotates 180 degrees, a secondary handle you can position for exceptional stability and comfort, and a lock-off switch protects against unintended start-ups. For added convenience, this handy tool comes with two 18-volt batteries and a compatible charger. From the Manufacturer No bumping or turning off the motor to hassle with hand feeding string; Black & Decker's 18-volt cordless string trimmer features the company's exclusive Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) system that automatically advances cutting string without bumping. By letting centrifugal force feed the trimmer line as it is needed, you get a smooth consistent length of line for optimal performance. Battery-powered, this cordless string trimmer has the capacity to trim grass after mowing for up to a 1/2-acre home site on a single charge of both included 18-volt batteries. Quiet and easy to start, the unit requires no gas, oil, or tune-ups. The Grasshog's Groom 'N' Edge head rotates 180 degrees to convert the trimmer to an edger with a push of a button. When used as an edger, the flip-down edge guide keeps the Grasshog in line with sidewalks and driveways. A secondary handle adjusts for increased comfort and control. A lock-off switch prevents accidental start-ups to ensure safe usage every time. Your purchase includes a trimmer/edger, two 18-volt batteries and a charger. Black & Decker includes a 30-day no-risk satisfaction guarantee and full two-year warranty is provided.

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