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Black&Decker 18" electric mulching lawn mower


We bought this mower (w/ a cord) a few days ago. We have a really large yard, though most of it is weeds and garden at this time (LOL!) The mower works well and we can get the yard done in about a day, depending on how hot it is. (We've got over an acre) If you have a large yard like this and don't want to waste a day on mowing pick a larger model. It really is a GREAT machine and works well even cutting through large, wet weeds!


Pros: Less Vibration, easy to use, no gas used!

Cons: Always had to watch out for the cord

This was a great mower. After buying our first house in Sacramento, CA we bought this mower (I hate buying gas) and loved it. It is super easy to turn on (just pull the lever) and it has much less noise and vibration than a gas mower. My wife even enjoyed using it. The only thing was I had to watch out for the cord, but you get used to it and it was never a problem. It was also a workhorse, after basically weekly outings for 2.5 years with this mower we moved away and I left the mower with my parents. They live on a farm and love it too. Apparently is quite the workhorse mower over there too!


Pros: affordable, electric, effective

Cons: extension cord

I bought this mower used a couple of years ago soon after purchasing my house. First I bought a reel mower (push mower), but it just wasn't cutting it (pun intended) because we were dealing with tall bermuda grass at the time. I was hoping to buy a cordless electric mower, but they were out of my price range. I knew I wanted to avoid a gas mower because they're high on emissions, fumes, noise, and it's also a bit inconvenient needing to get gas for them. So I decided to try a corded electric mower, and found this one used on Craig's List. I don't remember the exact price, but I believe it was under $100. You can also find this mower on Amazon for around $150 new.

I've been very satisfied with the mower performance. Usually I compare it to using a vacuum cleaner, because it's very similar. It's pretty easy to push, significantly quieter than a gas mower, starting and stopping it is as easy as pulling the hand lever, and obviously there are no fumes. Unfortunately since I bought it used, mine didn't come with the mulching feature. From my understanding, when mulching you don't even need to use a bag, which is a really nice feature. I just use the bag and it works fine.

The only downside is that you have to beware of the extension cord. I've read some reviews where people have run over their extension cords and had to buy new ones, but I'm still using the same 50' cord as I was when I first bought the mower 2-3 years ago. It's definitely a little inconvenient to have to move the cord around to keep it out of the path of the mower, but it's not really a big deal. And as long as you keep an eye on the cord and where you're mowing, running it over isn't a problem.

The mower is also nice and powerful. I've used it to cut grass several feet tall in just 2 passes. It performs just as well as a gas mower without the aforementioned pollution and other inconveniences.

So if you're looking for an electric mower but don't want to spend the extra $100-200 for a cordless version, the Black&Decker electric mower is a good choice. As long as you're not put off by needing to use a long extension cord and watch out for running it over, this mower is a really good environmentally friendly option.

Black&Decker 18" electric mulching lawn mower

18-inch electric lawn mower 6-1/2 amp motor, one-touch height adjustment from 1-inch to 3-1/2-inch blade clearance) Deck made of durable polymer; minimal assembly required--no tools necessary Side discharge with optional bag 32.5 by 24.8 by 13.1 inches; 36 pounds; 2-year warranty on mower; lifetime warranty on deck

Additional Featuressingle lever height adjustment
Motor6.5 Amps
Recharge Time
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
18" Electric53101712
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