Bi-O-Kleen Laundry Liquid Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great laundry soap


Pros: great on stains, eco-friendly, lasts a long time

Cons: none that I have noticed

I have used this laundry soap for about 2 months now. I can tell you it is well worth the money. It works very well. My dh is a mechanic and come home with his jeans covered in oil, grease, tranny fluid, you name it. With this laundry soap most times I don't even have to pretreat. Just drop the jeans in with some hot water and a tbsp of biokleen and they're done. Nice and clean. If the stain is really bad I just scrub in some of the soap and then drop them in the washer. Gets the toughest stains out everytime. It also has a very pleasant smell and I do not get a headache from using it.

Negative Reviews


Now contains SLS - not Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free products


Pros: It used to do a good job - unfortunately - I can't use it anymore

Cons: Contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - they changed the cold water formula so you'll need to switch to something new

This was a great product but they completely changed it once they got a hold of the market. I've emailed Whole Foods and their claim is that the product listing is the same (not - the cold water formula was completely different) so basically if you're allergic - avoid the new formulations. Luckily, there are other orange based formulas still out there and Whole Foods even has their own SLS free formula. I would double check bottles before buying if the main reason you bought it was to avoid the SLS issue and you're allergic. It's sad to see this happen.

laundry liquid


Pros: very concentrated

Cons: doesn't get our clothes and towles clean

for how many washes it is suppose to do is amazing. but my clothes come cleaner with other name brands... it isn't because our clothes are extra dirty. but it just doesn't come clean. we have a brand new front loading washing machine and dryer so the only thing that is really different is the detergent that we bought. and that is this product.would love to get my money back it is really the worse thing that I have bought in a long time!

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This Is Great Stuff


Pros: I can use it

Cons: None

I have a weird skin allergy.  I am even allergic to something in Chicago tap water.  Patch testing shows an Epoxy Resin/Vinyl allergy.  I seem to have tried most all off the shelf free and clear products as well as ECOS and Seventh Generation.  All bother my skin even after repeated rinsing in the wash machine.  This Biolkeen laundry liquid works for me and does not produce an allergic response.  It is so good I even use it to wash my hair.

The label is pretty and...


Pros: cleans well, very lightly scented, no residue

My first time using biokleen was only because it was on sale and i thought, "why not". now it's my normal purchase. i like that it's concentrated and it seems to do a good job. i am a soaker, and it seems to be removing the oily residue from my sheets that i use in my massage biz. jojoba oil and massage cream don't seem to be a match for biokleen. also works on taking off dried bits of food from our toddler's clothing. yippie.

Great so far


Pros: smell, concentration

This is one is much more concentrated than other detergents I have tried and the smell is great. However the smell does not stay after clothes are dry, something that does not bother me since I don't like strong smells. So far I found that it cleans better than my previous detergent, but I cannot say I have tried many eco-friendly ones to compare. For moderately soiled clothes, one ounce is enough but for heavily soiled workclothes I use a bit more and add some baking soda to absorb the smells and my husband's clothes come out fresh.

great product


Pros: clean and smells good

I love how clean everything get's with this stuff and smells good too. no allergy with this one for us.

Works great

This is a great detergent, but is not the most concentrated detergent I have found. It is also not available at as many stores as many other brands. It still works great though.

Does its job!


Pros: requires a small amount, smells nice, cleans well

Works well, goes a good ways for the cost, smells pleasant.  A good little laundry liquid.

BiOKleen Detergent


Pros: no harmful ingredients, smell, concentrated

Cons: price

I bought my bottle of BiOKleen liquid on sale ($10.00) - which was the only way I was able to afford it. The product is excellent and works well in a cold wash cycle. I wish the non-sale price was a little less harsh, though.

Best Eco Laundry Product


Pros: Cheap, Cleans Well and smells nice

Cons: doesn't get all the stains

I like this laundry detergent, I usually use it along with Bi-O-Kleen Oxygen Plus Bleach. Seems to work well and is one of the better laundry detergents I've used. I would recommend this as a safe, easy, inexpensive choice for Eco Laundry Detergent.

Cheap and Clean


Pros: cheap, works well, no scent

This is one of the cheapest detergents in my co-op and it works as well as any. It has almost no scent (I think this is a plus). After several months it seems to be gentle on clothes.