BioKleen Free & Clear Laundry Powder


Pros: SLE/SLES free, cruelty free, paper packaging

Biokleen is a great laundry detergent option -- it's packaged in recycled paper cardboard.

All Biokleen products are free of chlorine, optical brighteners, and phosphates. The surfactants used in Biokleen products are vegetable-based -- they do NOT use Sodium Laurel or Sodium Laureth Sulfate surfactants (SLS/SLES). SLS/SLES often act as skin irritants for many people and are generally a good thing to avoid.

Even better - all their products do not use any animal ingredients or animal testing.

To get the most out of this soap, I recommend putting it in the machine first, running the water a few minutes and then swirling it around with your hand or a laundry item to dissolve the soap better. It does have a tendency to clump and streak clothing if put on top of the clothing.

This soap smells really great -- it is tied right up there with lavender as my favorite laundry detergent scent.

The downside is that it costs a bit more per wash than other powdered soaps.


Pros: It smells good and cleans well

It works well for me but i'm a 25 year old office jockey. I'd like to hear about it from a parent or anyone with deep cleaning needs.


I love this detergent. It cleans well and works wonderful in my front loading washing machine. It is also reasonably priced too.


Pros: Cost/energy efficient, safe for sensitive senses/skin, works well.

Cons: Rare powder clump on clothes (1 time in two boxes worth of usage), powder can be kicked into air a little bit.

I love this stuff. It cleans my clothes for a fair price, while at the same time not wasting fuel to ship water—it's powder! Plus it works wonderfully with no residual strong (or even mild) scents. Works in cold water, front loaders, etc. One time I had one pair of denim jeans that had some clumped powder stuck to it; other than that I've had no problems through at least two boxes.
Please note with the price that I buy the larger size (~100 loads I think).


Pros: concentrated, powder less packaging

Cons: none

I find that bio-kleen tends to make green cleaners that actually *clean* & this is no exception. I prefer powders since I hate the waste & cost of paying for water in liquid laundry soaps. I also like that there's a minimum of plastic in this items packaging.
The citrus version of this product has a nice but not overpowering citrus scent and some gentle bleaching action.
One box lasts a long time.
Good stuff!


Pros: Use very little

Cons: Feels like it's not enough

Seems to work just fine. I like that it's so concentrated and that it comes in a cardboard box vs. plastic bottle.

BioKleen Free & Clear Laundry Powder

Allergen-Fighting Formula: Our Free & Clear Laundry Powder is fragrance free, and like all Biokleen products, is clear of dyes and brighteners. Effectively cleans tough stains and odors while brightening whites and colors. Rinses clean without leaving residue on clothes. • 3x More Concentrated • Free of fragrance and clear of dyes • Phosphate & Chlorine Free • Safe for high-efficiency washers

Size10 lb (100 loads)
Additional FeaturesIngredients: Soda Ash, Zeolites, Sodium Citrate, Vegetable Fiber Chelators, Sodium Percarbonate, Grapefruit Seed, Pulp Extract, Corrosion Inhibitors (Natural), Surfactants Degreasers, Conditioners (from coconut and or corn), Sodium Sulfate
TypePowder detergent
Percent Natural
Percent Organic
Release Date
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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How To Use:

  • Add laundry powder, start water, add laundry. Always wash whites and colors separately, and follow manufacturer's instructions.
  • Top Load Washers: Use 3/4 scoop (3Tbs.) per full load.
  • Front loaders: Use 1/2 scoop (2 Tbs.) per full load.



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